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Yuna Chords & Tablature

Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai, better known by her stage name Yuna, is a Malaysian singer. Her initial recognition came as a result of the viral success of her Myspace songs, which had over a million plays. This online success drew the attention of an indie-pop label, and she later signed with the Fader Label in early 2011. She is best known for collaborating with Usher on her debut track Crush, which reached #3 on the Billboard Adult R&B chart in the United States.

She began creating songs at the age of 14 after being born in Kedah. She quickly taught herself to play guitar and, in need of a creative outlet while completing law school, performed for the first time in front of an audience in 2006. Together with guitarist Pa’an, bassist Efry Arwis, and drummer Adib Azfar, Yuna released her self-titled EP in 2008 in Malaysia, earning her five Malaysian Music Award nominations.

This page features some of her most popular tabs, so you can easily play along to what we’d describe as “superb music”. Go and grab your guitar now and get learning these classics today!

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