Bands Like Deftones (similar music you're guaranteed to love!)

16 Bands Like Deftones (similar music you’re guaranteed to love!)

Led by Chino Moreno and formed in Sacramento, California, USA in 1988, the Deftones are an alternative metal band known for crossing musical genres and creating their own unique sound.

If you are a fan of the Deftones and want to hear more music like theirs, keep reading. We have searched our archives and found 16 bands like the Deftones we know you’re gonna love.


Like the Deftones, Tool cross musical genres and produce their own style of music. If you like Deftones, we’re certain something in Tool’s back catalogue will appeal to you. And with 5 studio albums to choose from we know you’re in for a treat.

A Perfect Circle

If you like Tool, you’re bound to like A Perfect Circle. Both bands are fronted by Maynard James Keenan and both crossover musical genres. But in a slightly different way. They have released 4 studio albums and we’re sure there’s something there for every Deftones fan.


Slipknot have been described as nu metal, a term they dispute. They have always claimed it was coincidental that nu metal began around the same time as Slipknot were starting out. Give them a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Another band that crosses genres is Chevelle, they have often been compared to Tool. The lead singer, Pete Loeffler’s voice has often been compared to that of Tool’s singer Maynard James Keenan. So we believe that Chevelle should be on your playlist.


Although often classified as heavy metal, Disturbed pay attention to melody and should therefore be classed as hard rock. They often play in dropped tunings which allows for quick chord changes and a heavier sound. Deftones fans will be surprised by Disturbed’s output, we’re sure.

System of a Down

Another band that can’t be put into any particular box is System of a Down. They have been classified as heavy metal, nu metal, thrash metal, hard rock, prog rock and alternative metal, to name just a few. But in reality, they have their own unique sound that just doesn’t fit into one category.

Linkin Park

You might wonder how Linkin Park found their way onto this list of bands like the Deftones. But if you are a fan of the Deftones you’re bound to find something in Linkin Park’s back catalogue that will appeal to you.


When Korn’s 2nd album “Life Is Peachy” was released their music wasn’t yet labelled as nu metal. They were described as “one of the key players in an American metal revival” alongside the Deftones, “2 bands that share the same roots”.


Originally called “Counting The Days”, Architects were formed in Brighton, East Sussex, UK in 2004. They have released 10 studio albums so far and there’s something amongst them for every Deftones fan.


Formed in Bristol, England, UK in 1991, Portishead are often considered to be one of the pioneers of trip hop music, a claim that the band fiercely deny. They have released 3 studio albums and won numerous awards including the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music.

Team Sleep

Team Sleep is one of Chino Moreno’s side projects. So if you’re into the Deftones, you’re sure to like Team Sleep. The project started in 1994 when Moreno and his friend Todd Wilkinson bought a cassette tape Portastudio-type 4-track recorder. One of their tracks, “Teenager” was included on the Deftones 3rd album “White Pony”.


Glassjaw formed in 1993 and played their first show in 1994 in Oceanside, New York, USA. Their early stuff was classed as nu metal then alternative metal and eventually post-hardcore. They have released 3 studio albums, 4 EPs and numerous singles.


Incubus were formed in 1991 in Calabasas, California, USA and have always been a difficult band to classify. From funk, jazz, hip hop, alternative metal, alternative rock, rap metal, nu metal, funk metal, psychedelic music, post-grunge, thrash metal, pop, you name it, Incubus has been called it. Yet it all fits and none of it does, confused? Listen to some of their music and you’ll understand.


Sevendust were formed in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. When asked what genre defined the band, guitarist John Connolly said; “I don’t know. People, for five minutes called us progressive, and then it was nu-metal. Then, all of a sudden, we were playing alternative metal. We are some kind of heavy and some kind of rock and some kind of metal.”


Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1984, Sepultura are still performing to this day and have released 15 studio albums and have sold around 20 million albums worldwide.

At the Drive-In

Formed in 1994 in El Paso, Texas, USA, At the Drive-In released 3 studio albums before splitting in 2001. Their 3rd album “Relationship of Command” is cited as a “landmark of the post-hardcore genre”. They reunited in 2012 and then again in 2016 and the following year released their 4th and final album “in•ter a•li•a” before announcing an indefinite hiatus in 2018.

Do You Know Any More?

There’s 16 bands like Deftones, do you know any more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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