Best Apps To Learn Guitar

11 Best Apps to Learn Guitar Ranked [For Beginners in 2024]

When I first thought about picking up the guitar as a hobby, I found myself wondering what the best way to learn would be. I quickly realized that learning to play the guitar today is completely different from how it was even just a few years ago when my dad was learning.

With the advent of the internet, smart devices and guitar apps – it has never been easier to access quality guitar lessons, and you don’t even need to leave your home (providing you’ve got a decent guitar)!

The problem I found when I decided to explore the world of “online guitar learning”, was the sheer amount of options there were.

This made trying to choose one of them totally overwhelming. And that’s why I decided to test and review the most popular guitar learning apps on the market – to save others the time and money of trying them all out themselves.

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I found that while some guitar apps were definitely worth investing in, others simply didn’t live up to their promises.

After hours of testing and practicing, I was able to narrow down my list to the top 11 guitar learning apps for beginners.

I’ve ranked them in order of my personal preference and have included my own thoughts and experiences with each app to help guide others in their guitar learning journey.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, these apps are sure to be a huge help to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, quickly!

Best Guitar Learning Apps Of 2024

  1. Guitar Tricks
    This is the best app if you’re a beginner who wants to get at an impressive level quickly. It’s top of our list because it’s got a huge library of lessons and songs you can get stuck into right away and it’s one of the easiest to follow along with. It’s also free to try and the videos are categorized properly, which stopped me feeling overwhelmed when going through the course.
  2. JamPlay
    With its wide range of courses and over 9,000 lessons taught by experienced instructors, JamPlay is a great option for both beginners and pros looking to improve their guitar skills through an app.
  3. Jellynote
    Jellynote offers a wide variety of music to learn through its 100,000+ sheet music options, and includes a study mode to improve your guitar playing ability.
  4. Truefire
    TrueFire has a range of lessons for all skill levels, including interactive synced tabs, high-quality audio and videos, popular song tutorials, customizable learning paths, and a bunch of other guitar tools.
  5. Fender Play
    Fender Play is a great online platform to learn guitar for beginners and advanced players. The app is user-friendly and offers a variety of lessons and songs to choose from
  6. Justin Guitar
    Justin Sandercoe’s platform offers a variety of resources for beginner guitar players, including lesson plans, exercises, and videos. You’ve probably seen Justin’s videos on YouTube as his teaching style has made him very popular.
  7. Jamorama
    This is best known for it’s advanced lessons, but its beginner lessons are great too. It’s a lesser known app than some of the others on this list, but deserves it’s high ranking because the lessons are easy to follow.
  8. Yousician
    Yousician is a fun way to learn guitar and is great for adults as well as children, it includes lesson plans created by real music teachers and instant feedback on your accuracy and timing.
  9. ChordBank
    The ChordBank app provides a quick and easy way to find chords, even if you’re not online. It includes chords for beginners and advanced players in various music genres. It also allows you to hear how chords should sound, and provides finger placement instructions for easy learning.
  10. Amped Guitar (Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner)
    This guitar app uses augmented reality to help you play the guitar right off the bat, without feeling like a beginner. I was quite impressed how they made learning guitar seem fun by adapting to my needs as I played but it was a little hard to get used to.
  11. Guitar Pro
    This one’s a bit more advanced than some of the others, however it is a very powerful guitar learning app that allows you to read, write and share tablatures for the guitar.

After spending a lot of time doing the research and testing, I found the above apps to be the best currently available on the market (in that order).

For 99.9% of you reading this, you only need one of these and so in the coming sections we’re going to dive deeper into each and expand upon what they have to offer and whether it’s the right one for you.

All of these apps are perfect for beginners (unless I state otherwise), as they offer step-by-step lessons, song tutorials, and interactive features to help you improve your skills.

And the best part is, you can access them on your mobile device, whether you have an Apple or Android device.

Another factor I took into consideration when creating this list is the price, as you don’t want to be paying more than you need to to pick up this skill.

So let’s now take a look deeper into our top picks and find out which is right for you.

man taking online guitar lessons via laptop

What Is The Very Best App To Learn The Guitar Right Now?

The best places to learn to play guitar in 2024 are as follows:

1. Guitar Tricks

The “Guitar Fundamentals” section is one of the best instructional videos I’ve ever seen for people who want to understand what they’re actually doing when they pick up their guitar without wasting hours on boring theory.

The guitar app that stood out to me as being the best for beginners trying to learn guitar quickly is Guitar Tricks.

It’s got over 11,000 lessons you can choose from and offers a wealth of resources for guitar players at any level. This means that as you progress from beginner to intermediate and eventually to advanced – you’ll never run out of resources that can take you to the next level.

The Core Learning System

The Core Learning System is one of the standout features of Guitar Tricks and in my opinion it’s what makes it the best guitar app for beginners.

It takes you through how to begin your guitar playing with the basics, including: the correct way you should hold your guitar to avoid pain, how to play with your fingers (or guitar pick), how to play single notes, how to play the basic chords, the popular strumming techniques, how to tune your guitar and more.

As you progress, you’ll learn the major and minor pentatonic scales, minor chords and even the easy way to read music (you’ll be surprised how easy this actually is).

Throughout the Core Learning System, you’ll be learning to play real songs, which makes it more enjoyable and a lot easier.

guitar tricks overview

Why Guitar Tricks Is Worth It

  • The app is straightforward and easy to use.
  • It ensures that you build good foundational knowledge before moving on to more complicated elements.
  • And the teaching style helps keep you motivated throughout the lessons.

The app also teaches various music styles in simple ways, so you can learn the basics of rock, funk, blues or country and find out which one you enjoy playing the most (without ever being locked into one style).

And with over 1,000 well-known songs (plus more being added every week), and step-by-step video lessons that show you exactly what to do in as much detail as you need – you’ll always have plenty of resources to choose from, even when you’ve nailed the Guitar Tricks fundamentals.

The app is available on both Apple and Android devices and they offer a free trial period, so you can test it out and see if it’s the right one for you without spending any money.

Plus it’s been around since 1998, so it’s really well thought through and planned for beginners.

Guitar Tricks User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Guitar Tricks.

After using Guitar Tricks for almost 2 years I have nothing bad to say about it at all. The instructors are good and I’ve learned a serious amount from them. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their guitar skills, in particular the blues level 2 course


I stopped playing guitar 10 years ago but I recently got back into it. After a month of struggling, I found Guitar Tricks and it’s been a game-changer. The lessons they have made understanding guitar so much easier than trying to learn from books or teachers who don’t explain things in a simple way.Thanks Guitar Tricks team!

Carl Dawson

I’ve been using Guitar Tricks for almost a year now and I’m really impressed. The lessons are well organized easy to understand and perfect for when I only have a short amount of time to practice. I’ve tried other lessons before and was left feeling confused and frustrated, but with Guitar Tricks I feel like I’m making real progress. I like that they have a mobile app, but it’s not quite as easy to use as the website so I usually stick to using the web version. also the song library is a bit small for me so I supplement it with other resources but overall I’m really happy with the service.


They’ve got a really good way the lessons are set up. The short videos that you can watch quickly and then practice on your own is perfect for me. It’s better to learn in small chunks 20 minutes or so and then practice what you’ve learned instead of sitting through a long lesson and constantly having to pause and rewind. Guitar Tricks is great for me.

Glen Stevens
20% Off Guitar Tricks Full Access! when you use this link

As a member who stuck with Guitar Tricks, this is the first app I would recommend trying if you’re trying to improve your skills and don’t want to waste time doing it.

You can start a free trial by clicking this link here, but be warned – once you start you’ll probably be like me and won’t want to cancel it.

2. JamPlay

With a library of over 450 courses, over 9,000 lessons, taught by over 130 different world-class instructors – JamPlay offers a diverse range of lessons to suit you, regardless of your current skill level. They also have a great roster of instructors, including famous guitar legends like Bumblefoot and Horace Bray.

As soon as you log in to your account, the first thing you see is your progress with the latest lessons that you’ve finished or are currently doing. This is a lot more helpful than it probably sounds on the surface because it allows you to come back to it in your own time and not forget where you was.

As you scroll down the main page, you’ll be able to see all the newest courses and upcoming live courses – this is also great because it helps you plan what you want to learn next.

It’s actually quite exciting being a JamPlay member because they’re always adding new stuff that’s interesting to learn.

JamPlay Overview

Why JamPlay Is Worth It

One of the key benefits of using JamPlay is the live video lessons. This allows you to interact with the instructor and receive real time feedback, making it a valuable tool for anyone who likes real human feedback when learning.

They offer them in two formats:

  1. Weekly workshops
    That are hosted live every single week and recorded for later viewing
  2. Live Q&A
    Where users can log in at any time within an eight-hour window to receive help for anything.

These live features alone are why JamPlay is considered one of the best guitar learning apps available today.

That being said, JamPlay stands out most for it’s intermediate and advanced courses. They do a good job of teaching the popular stuff most people want to play and there’s also some nice unique lessons that I’ve not seen covered elsewhere.

woman using guitar app to learn

JamPlay User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about JamPlay.

I’ve looked into a lot of different online bass lessons and hands down JamPlay is the best one out there. The teaching tools they offer are really good and the site can take you from knowing nothing to having a solid grasp of any style you want. The videos are great and have 3 different angles to give you a good view of what’s going on…you really can’t beat the quality and value that JamPlay offers.


Really happy with JamPlay. All the teachers are great and I’ve loved taking the live lessons. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning.


3. Jellynote

Jellynote is a great option for those who want to learn multiple instruments, not just the guitar. It offers a wide range of training options for instruments like the ukulele, piano, violin, flute, bass and more.

It’s not the greatest app for people who are totally new to guitar, but what sets Jellynote apart is its huge collection of over 100,000 songs, available in sheet music, tabs and chords format.

When you’ve got a bit more experience, you’ll find the app quite useful as it features MIDI sounds so you can hear how the musical notes should sound, and you can also adjust the tempo to learn at your own pace.

With the Jellynote premium subscription, you have access to all the music sheets on the platform without having to purchase them individually. However, it’s worth noting that the subscription does not grant you the right to print them. You still need to purchase prints (but at a discounted price).

Jellynote User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Jellynote.

Jellynote is a 5 out of 5 I’ve learned more from this than I could from any book


Just downloaded the app a few days ago but I’m really liking it atm. Bit annoying with the time limit but still impressed!

Oliver Evans

4. Truefire

TrueFire offers a wide range of instructional videos for guitarists of all skill levels. With over 51,000 videos taught by hundreds of instructors, including big names such as Joe Bonamassa and Steve Vai – TrueFire offers a diverse range of courses to choose from.

TrueFire has different “Learning Paths” to choose from, which are structured courses that cover different genres such as blues, acoustic, bass, rock, jazz, and country. These paths are divided into five levels, starting from beginner and progressing to advanced, allowing you to start at the point that best suits your current abilities.

I quite liked how they broke these up in this way because it meant I could skip through the parts I already knew.

TrueFire overview

Why TrueFire Is Worth It

One of the key benefits of using TrueFire is the flexibility it offers. You can learn at your own pace and access the courses on any device, making it easy to fit guitar learning into your already busy schedule.

It’s also not solely aimed at beginners which means there’s some great advanced content on there for you once you get a bit better.

Then there’s also the amount of famous guitarists you can learn from, including:

  • Andy Wood
  • Ariel Posen
  • Corey Congilio
  • Greg Koch
  • Jeff McErlain
  • Joe Bonamassa
  • Josh Smith
  • Kirk Fletcher
  • Larry Carlton
  • Matt Schofield
  • Pat Martino
  • Robben Ford
  • Steve Vai
  • Tim Pierce
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • and more

There’s also a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.

Truefire User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Truefire.

Absolutely Brilliant, I’ve tried most of these courses and it’s more expensive that the onther ones but well worth the extra money . The learning paths are better structurered for people starting from scratch, whereas you often get lessons where there’s assumed knowledge in competitor courses. If you don’t know anything about guitar, this is the best course for you. VERY GOOD JOB TEAM


I’m just starting out but so far so good. The lessons have been great they are clear and concise.For me it’s 5 stars and I 100% would recommend.

Alien Guitarist

5. Fender Play

Fender Play has a wide selection of guitar tutorials that many people find easier to digest than videos from other courses.

One of the best features of Fender Play is the flexibility it offers. There’s loads of short tutorials that makes it easy for beginners to follow and understand the information without committing hours to learning every single day. In fact, you could just put in 15 minutes per day and still see decent progress as it’s very to-the-point.

Another good thing about Fender Play is that you can try before you buy; the app offers a 7-day free trial, giving you enough time to test out the beginner lessons and decide if it’s the right course for you.

Why Fender Play Is Worth It

Fender Play offers a song-based approach to learning, where you can master new skills while playing your favorite popular songs, making practice feel less like a chore and more like fun.

fender play overview

In terms of guitar genres they cover, you can choose from: rock, country, blues, pop or folk.

After you’ve picked your genre, you’ll be taken through a path with five levels. Each level has a variety of courses that are broken up into short videos (typically 5 minutes each) where you’ll quickly learn the important aspects needed to master the style.

Each of these videos are filmed with multiple camera angles and the audio and video are extremely high resolution – providing an easier learning experience than you can get on YouTube or over a Skype call lesson where it’s hard to see what’s going on.

The app also provides access to a huge library of songs with new lessons added weekly, so if your favorites aren’t on there yet, there’s a good chance they will be soon.

The Fender Play app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and it offers a wide range of tutorials for both beginner and advanced guitarists.

The app also offers a choice of guitar, bass or ukulele so if you wanted to learn other instruments at the same time, you can. And it’s also a self-paced learning system, so you learn at your leisure.

Fender Play User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Fender Play.

Fender Play is the real deal for anyone wanting to learn guitar. As a beginner I was skeptical about whether it would actually help but it’s been AMAZING. I’ve learned loads of chords and even some full songs. If you want to learn guitar, this is the app to get. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.


5/5. After years of picking up my guitar every now and then and not getting anywhere this has been insane. Since I started using the app I’m making real progress..!A week in and I’m already playing songs I never thought I could! Well Worth the money!

eric hodgson

I’ve been using Fender Play for a bit now and it’s been pretty good so far. Some of the lessons feel a bit repetitive, but it helps you practice what you learned in other lessons. It’s hard to learn guitar but the app does help me want to keep going.
so far so good!


6. Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar offers a well organized learning pathway with a wide range of songs and skill sections to choose from. There are also paid options available, such as premium courses and instructional ebooks.

This is a great, mostly free online guitar learning platform that offers beginner to advanced level lessons for guitarists of all ages. The site boasts high quality video quality and easy to follow instructions.

The platform is organized into levels, each comprising of three grades, and each grade is split into several modules that are packed with various lessons designed to teach you the skills without overwhelming you.

Why Justin Guitar Is Worth It

Justin’s teaching style is very to the point, meaning you don’t waste time on stuff you don’t need to know. And the lessons typically last between 9 – 20 minutes, covering a wide range of topics – from basic open chords to barre chords, lead guitar playing and different styles such as: blues, jazz, fingerstyle, funk and folk.

Justin Guitar Overview

The site also offers skill sections for those looking to take a deeper dive into specific areas such as arpeggios, scales or even ear training.

The song library on is also impressive with over 727 songs, making it appeal to all skill levels and tastes in music (and more songs being added all the time).

Most of the song videos were shot a few years back, but they are still very good quality.

With Justin’s constant updating and expansion of the site, it’s definitely up there when it comes to the best guitar apps.

Online Guitar Lessons

Justin Guitar User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Justin Guitar.

I’ve been a fan of Justin’s guitar lesons for a long time since the days watching on Youtube, and the app has made it even better to learn.

The lessons are clear and I’ve made significant progress in a short amount of time. I can’t thank you enough Justin!!


He’s a really good teacher and the courses are excellent. The free stuff is better than some of the courses I’ve paid for so I’m a big fan of and don’t mind paying for it.

Sarah Garcia

Brilliant course! I started playing guitar with another course and got so bored that I almost gave up This is like finding gold thanks J! 🙂


7. Jamorama

One of the best things about Jamorama is that they offer lifetime access to their content. This sets it apart from other courses who prefer monthly subscriptions. Plus they also offer a 120 day money back guarantee.

Jamorama is a great guitar learning platform for beginners. Although many people know it for it’s advanced lessons, they offer lessons on a variety of important guitar skills that beginners need to learn too, such as: the foundational guitar skills, playing chords, strumming techniques, different playing styles, scales, progressions, picking patterns, music theory, practice routines and guitar maintenance.

Why Jamorama Is Worth It

They start with pretty basic stuff like chords and some basic guitar maintenance, which is great for beginners. And each course is split into a number of parts, labelled as “weeks”, with the idea that you should complete one section per week to complete that course. This is quite good as it allows you to move at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

Jamorama Course Overview

All courses are taught by the same instructor, Mark McKenzie, who is a really good guitarist and great teacher.

For beginners, there are loads of videos designed for people who know very little about guitar. However, he does do some advanced lessons such as speed picking, fingerstyle and blues that are amazing as you get better at the guitar. In terms of time, completing all the courses should take about a year.

Another unique thing about Jamorama is their community which allows users to connect with each other and share their experiences.

Jamorama User Reviews

woman playing guitar with mobile phone recording

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Jamorama.

Jamarama is the best place to learn guitar. the way they teach chords and strum patterns etc is so much better than i expected, specially the “play along” which is really helpful tolearn timing and creating my own songs. So far it’s been worth every penny.


8. Yousician

Yousician is a great app for beginners looking to learn guitar and other instruments. The interactive interface, along with the real-time feedback, make it a good option for anyone looking to improve their skills.

Yousician is a fun and interactive app for beginners looking to learn guitar (as well as: piano, ukulele, bass or even singing).

The colorful and lively interface is quite a fun little touch, which to me makes it perfect for kids because it’s like playing a video game – whilst still learning something important.

The app offers a decent song library and a variety of exercises and courses to help you improve your guitar skills. However some people complain that the bright aesthetic can be overwhelming after a while.

Why Yousician Is Worth It

Yousician Overview

One of the standout features of Yousician is the animated, moving fretboard that makes learning the guitar fun and interactive. The app listens to your playing and provides real-time feedback, helping you to stay in time and improve your skills.

The app features a guitar learning path that includes: missions, themes, and levels that guide you step by step through the process of learning to play the guitar.

The “Levels” range from basics to advanced and include thousands of exercises that’ll help improve your abilities. Once you get to level 5 on Yousician, you’ll most likely be able to play along with a lot of your favorite songs.

The app also includes an activity report that is sent to you every Monday to help you track your progress. This is helpful if you’re someone who lacks motivation as it’s a weekly reminder.

Yousician can be downloaded on Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, and it can also be installed as an application on your PC too (Windows and Mac).

Also, Yousician gives you the option to buy a family membership, which means your whole family can learn together under the one subscription.

Yousician User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Yousician.

Yousician is great! I’ve been using it for years and it’s been the main thing that’s helped me learn guitar. I used to think you needed private lessons but these videos do the trick


Fantastic no youtube video reaches the quality of Yousician. It’s well instructed and really worth the money. You can always study at any time of the day, even when travelling across the country. Thanks so much. 5*


9. ChordBank

Chordbank is a guitar app that helps with the fundamentals of guitar playing. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that provides you with the finger positions for a huge amount of chords, whether you’re looking for major, minor, seventh, sixth, suspended, slash, diminished, augmented or any other type of chord – you’ll find it on ChordBank.

With thousands of chords, scales, lessons and tools – Chordbank is a great resource for people of all ages that are looking to learn guitar.

One of the standout features of Chordbank is its hand curated chords, which are selected by experts to be comfortable to play and musically sound. This ensures that you are learning chords that are actually useful and practical for your playing.

Why ChordBank Is Worth It

Aside from it’s core function, the app also includes a “Genius” button that provides you with a note-by-note explanation of any chord, as well as links to videos that make music theory simple to understand.

Chordbank also includes a reverse chord finder, which allows you to tap the fretboard and put in the chord you’re playing on your real guitar. The app will then tell you what chords those notes make up, which is really useful if you’re watching your favourtie guitarist play and aren’t sure what chord he’s playing!

With a simple interface and easy navigation, Chordbank is a valuable tool for any new guitarist looking to improve their skills. Plus it’s available on both Apple and Android phones.

ChordBank User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about ChordBank.

Very cool app, you get the basic chords for free, the full access isn’t over expensive so worth getting if you use it as much as me.


10. Amped Guitar (Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner)

The Amped Guitar app uses augmented reality to give you real-time feedback and adjustments to your playing.

Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner, also known as “Amped Guitar”, is another useful guitar app that provides you with an interactive guitar learning experience. The app is designed to cater to all experience levels, from beginners to more advanced players looking to improve, and offers advice from some of the world’s greatest guitarists.

Why Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner Is Worth It

  • Built-in Digital Amplifier
    This allows you to jam along with backing tracks and even record yourself!
  • Gibson TV
    Gives you access to Gibson’s original TV series about guitars, music and culture.
  • Training Calendar
    This helps you set a structure for your learning and provides reminders to play a little bit every day.
  • Built-in Tuner & Metronome
    Which are essential tools for any guitar player. The tuner supports standard tuning and many other alternative tuning options, while the metronome includes all the standard features expected of a good metronome.
Amped Guitar (Gibson guitar Lessons and tuner) Overview

The app offers a 14-day free trial for the annual subscription, so it’s worth checking out if it sounds like the sort of app that’d help you.

Plus, it is available on both Apple and Android.

Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Gibson guitar: Lessons & tuner.

This is awesome. For the price, it’s got to be one of the best tools out there for learning guitar. You do need a headset, but its worth getting regardless. I love it!Thanks (your app is as good as your guitars!)

Adam from Cairns

11. Guitar Pro

Whether you want to learn the riffs of your favorite guitarists or write down your own ones, Guitar Pro makes it way easier.

Guitar Pro is a great guitar app for players who have a bit more experience than the typical beginner (as well as advanced guitar players).

It’s a fantastic app for guitarists, bassists, ukulele players, and more who are looking for something to make editing, reading and creating sheet music simple.

With a wide range of integrated features, such as a metronome, chord and scale libraries, tuner and virtual instruments – this program makes it easy to improve your skills and take your playing to the next level.

One of the standout features of Guitar Pro is its smart reading options, such as the “loop mode” which allows you to focus on specific sections of a song and improve your technique on the part you’re struggling with.

Guitar Pro is available on both Apple and Android devices and it’s not over expensive on either app store so it’s worth checking out as you get better at guitar.

man learning on guitar mobile app

Guitar Pro User Reviews

Here’s some of the comments other people have made about Guitar Pro.

Tad on the expensive side but really good bit of software if you’re trying to learn difficult songs as you can slow down the playback to your own BPM


Alternatives To Using Guitar Apps

While guitar apps can be an extremely effective way to learn the guitar, I understand that they may not be the best fit for everyone. And so in this section, we’re going to be taking a look at some alternatives you can use if you’re wanting to learn but don’t want to buy an app.

Hiring A Guitar Teacher

Some people may prefer a more traditional approach to learning, such as taking lessons from a local guitar teacher. These usually cost around $60 per hour (depending on the teacher) and can be a great alternative to an app.

That being said, you are going to spend more money learning the basics if you use a teacher than you would with an app like Guitar Tricks or JamPlay, so it usually works out better for people to use something like that to get started with the fundamentals of guitar and then move onto private coaching after.

YouTube Videos

A less structured but free alternative to guitar apps is using YouTube.

There are many channels dedicated to learning guitar for beginners, and you can often find teachers that align with your specific learning style and genre.

However, it’s important to note that you may need to piece together a curriculum yourself as opposed to a more structured approach offered by guitar apps. This can be a problem as it’s hard to know the best thing to learn next when you don’t really know what you’re doing (no offence!)

Guitar Books

Guitar books are said to be a great way to learn the guitar. And before the internet, it was by far one of the most popular ways people learned!

They are written by experienced guitarists and provide a good explanation of the basic techniques, chord progressions, music theory and even specific styles of playing.

They can be a great way to learn at your own pace and in your own time, as you can refer back to them as needed.

learning guitar on website

How To Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar on your own can be a challenging (but very rewarding experience). There’s a feeling of accomplishment you get when you do things without the help of others, and in this section we’re going to give some tips to get you on the right path.

  1. Choose The Right Guitar
    Invest in a guitar that you love and feel comfortable playing. This could be an electric, acoustic, or classical guitar – The best bet is to get one like your favorite guitarist, as you’ll likely be playing his music more than anyone elses! If you don’t have a favorite guitarist yet, choose one that’s commonly used for the genre you like most.
  2. Learn The Basics First
    Before diving into learning songs, get your head around the basics of guitar playing. This includes learning chords and proper strumming technique. Sign up for a decent guitar app you can follow along with and check out our free beginners guitar ebook.
  3. Create A Practice Schedule
    Consistency is key when learning to play guitar. Create a practice schedule that works for you and make sure you stick to it. For best results, carve time out to play every single day (with no days off!)
  4. Learn The Songs You Love
    One of the best ways to stay motivated and improve your skills is by learning the songs you love the most. Start with the simple songs you don’t hate and then work your way up to more challenging ones that you love (since that’s usually the way it works).
  5. Experiment With Different Playing Styles
    Once you have a good grasp of the basics, start experimenting with different styles and techniques to find what you enjoy the most (it likely wont be the same style that originally inspired you to pick up the guitar).
  6. Remember To Enjoy The Process
    Remember that you only get to learn once, and although it takes time and effort – the reward is worth it. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t get discouraged if you make mistakes. Embrace the journey and have fun!

The Best Free Apps To Learn Guitar In 2024

There’s so many great free apps available in 2024 that it’s hard to decide on the best one. But here’s our list of some great ones that’ll help you become a better guitarist if you’re on a budget:

  1. Justin Guitar
  2. Perfect Ear
  3. Real Guitar: be a guitarist
  4. GuitarTuna
  5. Functional Ear Trainer
  6. 3000 chords
  7. smartChord
  8. Guitar 3D
  9. Metronomerous
  10. Andy Guitar

Please note: although these apps are free to download, many of them do contain in-app purchases that mean you will have to pay extra to unlock certain content.

using guitar mobile app

The Best App To Learn Guitar Fast As A Beginner

When I put together the list of the top 11 apps to learn guitar as a beginner, I took speed into account, since life in 2024 is far from slow-paced. So the list above stands true for speed too.

I don’t want you to waste time learning in some inefficient way and so I put online lessons by Guitar Tricks number 1 (for obvious reasons).

Here’s the list again for your convenience:

  1. Guitar Tricks
  2. JamPlay
  3. Jellynote
  4. Truefire
  5. Fender Play
  6. Justin Guitar
  7. Jamorama
  8. Yousician
  9. ChordBank
  10. Amped Guitar
  11. Guitar Pro
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