Deftones Albums Ranked (rated from worst to best)

Deftones Albums Ranked (rated from worst to best)

The Deftones were formed in Sacramento, California USA in 1988 and are an alternative metal band. They are known to be one of the most experimental alternative metal bands of all times, going as they have from the more abrasive sounding early days to the slightly more new wave hard rock sound of latter years. They have a distinctive sound that makes them easily recognisable from their peers.

Best Deftones Albums Of All Time

It seems impossible that throughout all of their years of performing, the Deftones have only produced 9 studio albums and they’ve never made one that’s not great. Ranking any band as talented as the Deftones is a thankless task but we’ve done our best. If for any reason you don’t agree with our rankings let us know in the comments how you would have ranked them and why.

9. Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

This was produced and recorded during the band’s most turbulent period and it shows. It took almost two years to produce and was the last album to feature Chi Cheng on bass. Stand out tracks include “Mein” and “Hole in the Earth”. 

8. Koi No Yokan (2012)

The title translates from Japanese to English and roughly means “A premonition of love”. A phrase most often found in comic books aimed at young girls. This album isn’t as popular amongst Deftones fans as some of their other offerings but it does have a few of their classic tracks. Tracks like “Graphic Nature” and “Swerve City” for example.

7. Around The Fur (1997)

Their second album and some would say one of their best too, and who are we to argue? But something had to take the seventh position and this is it. Some great tracks on this album including “”My Own Summer (Shove It)”, “Headup” and “Mascara”.

6. Gore (2016)

Another great album from a band that can do no wrong, “Gore” featured the singles “Prayer/Triangles” and “Phantom Bride” as well as some harder listening tracks such as “Acid Hologram” and “(L)MIRL”. “Gore” debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

5. Adrenaline (1995)

This was their debut album and it showcased exactly what we could expect from the band. Stand out tracks include “7 Words” and “Bored” and the ever popular “Engine No.9”. Adrenaline was probably their most heavy album and it has stood the test of time, still sounding fresh today.

4.Deftones (2003)

Another Deftones album to debut at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts, their self-titled album was released at the same time as metal was losing some of its popularity with the music buying public. They didn’t care, they released this just as heavy as the ones before it album and it worked. With tracks like “Minerva”, “Hexagram” and “Lucky You” it was always going to score high.

3. Ohms (2020)

Released 4 years after “Gore”, “Ohms” is just as heavy and yet intriguing too. It has it all, with stand out tracks for us including “Headless”, “Genesis” and “Pompeji”. “Ohms” shows there is no let up in the musical ability and skill set of the band. 

2. Diamond Eyes (2010)

This is the album the band recorded while Chi Cheng was in a coma in hospital. He was replaced temporarily by Sergio Vega (Quicksand) and “Diamond Eyes” was the resulting album which replaced the album they were recording with bassist Chi Cheng, which was “Eros”. Since Chi Cheng sadly died, “Eros” remains unreleased.

1. White Pony (2000)

We defy anyone to contest “White Pony” as the Deftones best offering to date. With such classic tracks as “Digital Bath”, “Back To School (Mini Maggit), and “Elite” it was always destined for number one position on any ranking list.

All Deftones Albums In Chronological Order

Around The Fur1997
White Pony2000
Saturday Night Wrist2006
Diamond Eyes2010
Koi No Yokan2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best selling Deftones album?

The best selling Deftones album is “White Pony” which sold 178,000 copies in its first week.

What is the newest Deftones album?

The newest Deftones album is “Ohms” which was released on September 25th 2020.

What is the first Deftones album?

The first Deftones album was “Adrenaline” which was released on October 3rd 1995.

What is Deftones most famous song?

Deftones most famous song is “Change (In The House Of Flies)” taken from the album “White Pony” The single was released on May 16th 2000.

When did Deftones start?

The Deftones were formed in 1988 in Sacramento, California, USA.

What genre is Deftones?

The genres associated with the Deftones are; Shoegaze, nu metal, alternative metal, experimental rock and art rock.

Who are the members of Deftones?

The members of the Deftones are; Frank Delgado, Abe Cunningham, Stephen Carpenter and Chino Moreno. Past members are; Sergio Vega, Chi Cheng, Dominic Garcia and John Taylor.

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