Foo Fighters - Impressive Facts You Didn't Know

Foo Fighters – 23 Impressive Facts You Didn’t Know

Foo Fighters is an American rock band formed in 1994 in Seattle, Washington. Started as a one-man project by Dave Grohl the former drummer of Nirvana. The band name comes from the World War II term for unidentified flying objects and was used because Grohl wanted to keep the band’s identity a secret.

Above are facts you probably already know about the band, keep reading for 23 impressive facts about Foo Fighters you didn’t know.

Nearly All Of Foo Fighters Debut Album Was performed By Dave Grohl

Apart from a guitar part on the track “X-Static” which was played by Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs), Grohl played every instrument and sang every vocal part.

The Album Was Completed In 5 Days

Dave Grohl entered Robert Lang Studios in October 1994 and completed the whole album in 5 days. He handed out cassette copies of the recordings to his friends to get an honest opinion of what he’d recorded.

He Chose The Band Name To Remain Anonymous

Grohl wanted to stay anonymous and also give the impression the album was recorded by a group instead of just one artist. He also never expected the album to be so well received. He said of the band name,

Had I actually considered this to be a career, I probably would have called it something else, because it’s the stupidest f#+@ng band name in the world.

Dave Grohl

The Band Were Formed To Support The Album

Once the album was recorded, Dave set about forming a band to support it. He spoke to his Nirvana bandmate, bassist Krist Novoselic but they decided it probably wouldn’t work. Instead Dave hired Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums) and Pat Smear (guitar).

Their First Live Public Appearance Was At The Jambalaya Club

They made their debut live appearance at the Jambalaya Club in Arcata, California on February 23rd 1995. This was followed by a performance at Satyricon in Portland, Oregon on March 3rd and the Velvet Elvis in Seattle, Washington on March 4th.

Their Debut Album Was Released In July 1995

The Foo Fighters released their debut single “This Is A Call” in June 1995 and their self-titled debut album was released the following month. In the August of the same year they appeared at the Reading Festival.

The Rest Of The Band Contributed to the 2nd Album

Their 2nd album, “The Colour And The Shape” had all of the songs written by Dave Grohl but the band collaborated on musical arrangements.

They Performed In Cesena, Italy After The Rockin’ 1000 Gathering

After the Rockin’ 1000 gathered in Cesena, Italy and performed “Learn To Fly” and asked the band to come to play there, Dave Grohl was so impressed that the band went there and performed on November 3rd 2015.

Taylor Hawkins Was Alanis Morrissette’s Drummer

With the sessions almost completed for their 2nd album, Grohl took the rough mixes to Los Angeles with the intention of finishing his vocals and guitar parts. Once he started going through the recordings he realised the drumming wasn’t what he wanted. So he replaced most of Goldsmith’s drum tracks with his own. Goldsmith left the band soon after.

Needing a replacement drummer fast, Grohl contacted Taylor Hawkins (Alanis Morrissette’s touring drummer) for suggestions for a decent drummer. Hawkins volunteered for the job.

Dave Grohl Has Played Drums For Several Bands

It’s well known that Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl played drums in Nirvana. He has also played drums for Tom Petty, Killing Joke,  Queens Of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Nine Inch Nails and Tenacious D.

He also played guitar on David Bowie’s 2002 album “Heathen” on the track “I’ve Been Waiting For You”, a cover of the Neil Young song.

They Have Covered Several Great Songs

Foo Fighters have covered many songs by various artists including “Baker Street” (Gerry Rafferty), “Band On The Run” (Paul McCartney And Wings), “Let there Be Rock” (AC/DC), “Down In The Park” (Tubeway Army) and “Darling Nikki” (Prince).

They Released An Album Of Disco Covers

On July 17th 2021 for Record Store Day, Foo Fighters released an album called “Hail Satin” under the name of “Dee Gees”. The album contains 4 Bee Gees covers as well as a cover of Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing”.

Foo Fighters Nearly Never Happened

After Kurt Cobain died and Nirvana was no more, Dave Grohl spent some time doing nothing. Then, after 7 months he was asked to sit in for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer. He performed the songs “Honeybee” and “ You Don’t Know Jack” on Saturday Night Live with the band.

After the show, Tom Petty offered Grohl the job full-time. But he turned it down so he could start work on Foo Fighters. He already had many of the songs worked out as he’d written them whilst on tour with Nirvana. But he’d been too much in awe of Cobain to even share them with the band.

Prince Covered One Of Their Songs

When Foo Fighters covered the Prince song “Darling Nikki” in 2003 he apparently told them that they “should write their own tunes”. However, in 2007, Prince covered the Foo Fighters’ song “Best Of You” during his half-time performance at the Superbowl.

Prince also jammed with Dave Grohl in 2011 and reportedly covered Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.

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They’re The Favourite Band Of David Letterman

Late Night host David Letterman had a 5-way heart by-pass in 2000. He said that during his recovery the Foo Fighters song “Everlong” helped through the worst of it, and has held a special place in his memories ever since.

So on his first show back after his recovery he invited Foo Fighters to be the musical guests. Just before they took to the stage to perform “Everlong” he introduced them as “My favourite band, playing my favourite song”

On his last ever show before his retirement, Letterman invited Foo Fighters back to perform again on the show, the only band he considered for his last show.

The Early Foo Fighters Demos Were Released Under A Different Name

In 1992, Dave Grohl released a cassette called “Pocketwatch” under the band name of “Late!” This was the forerunner to Foo Fighters.

They’ve Shared The Stage With Some Of The Greats

Foo Fighters have shared the stage with some of the world’s top bands. Including; Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Seasick Steve, Rush, System of A Down, David Lee Roth and Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogarty.

They Made A Comedy Horror Film

On February 25th 2022 Foo Fighters released the film “Studio 666”, a comedy horror film directed by BJ McDonnell. In it the band play themselves trying to record an album in a haunted mansion. Dave Grohl gets possessed by an evil spirit and the band members get killed off one by one. 

On March 25th 2022 Dave Grohl released an EP of tracks from the film called “Dream Widow”.

Dave Grohl Fell Off Stage In Sweden And Broke His Leg

On June 12th 2015 the Foo Fighters were performing at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden when Dave Grohl fell off the stage and broke his leg. The band continued to finish its set with Dave sitting onstage in a chair while a medic kept tending to his leg. 

After the show he was flown to London, England where he required 6 metal pins to repair the fracture. The band had to cancel all of its remaining European concert dates.

They Had To pull Out Of Glastonbury 2015

After his accident in Sweden, the band had to pull out of their headlining show at Glastonbury. Glastonbury Festivals official statement read,

Foo Fighters have just released the following statement: “Due to injuries sustained in Dave Grohl’s fall from the stage during Foo Fighters’ June 12 show at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, doctors have required the cancellation of the remainder of the band’s dates in the UK and Europe.” Sadly, this means that the band will not be able to make their scheduled Pyramid Stage headline appearance on Friday, 26th June. We wish Dave Grohl all the best for a full and speedy recovery. A new Friday night headliner will be announced soon.

Glastonbury Festivals

They Toured America With their Broken Leg Tour

After Dave Grohl was advised not to travel abroad with his broken leg, the band started an American tour. The tour started with a show on July 4th with Grohl playing on stage from a chair he is said to have designed himself.

Dave Grohl Stopped A Show And Evicted A Fighting Fan

At the Foo Fighters July 11th 2011 show at the Roundhouse in London, England, Dave Grohl stopped the show to get a fighting fan kicked out of the audience.

They Played Under An Alias With The Vocalist Of Their Tribute Band

In September 2014, the Foo Fighters played under the alias “The Holy Shits” for 3 shows. At their first show which was held at the Concorde 2 Club in Brighton, England, Dave Grohl invited the lead singer of the tribute band “UK Foo Fighters” on stage to sing with him and the band.

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Do You Know Any More?

That’s our 23 impressive facts about the Foo Fighters you didn’t know. Do You know any we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taylor Hawkins was tour drummer for which famous singer?

Before joining Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins was tour drummer for Alanis Morrissette.

Why did William Goldsmith leave Foo Fighters?

When recording the Foo Fighters second album, “The Colour And The Shape”, Dave Grohl took the recordings to work on his vocals and guitar but decided he wasn’t happy with the drumming so he re-recorded it. William Goldsmith felt slighted and left the band.

Where did Dave Grohl fall off stage and break his leg?

Foo Fighters were performing at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden when Dave Grohl fell off stage and broke his leg. He carried on with the show from a seated position on stage with his broken leg propped up on a medical pack.

What is the name of the album that the Foo Fighters released under the pseudonym of the Dee Gees?

The name of the album that the Foo Fighters released under the pseudonym of the Dee Gees is “Hail Satin” which was released on July 17 2021 for Record Store day. 

Which TV talk show host said Foo Fighters were his favourite band?

The TV talk show host that said Foo Fighters were his favourite band is David Letterman. He said that when he was recovering from heart surgery, he listened to the Foo Fighters song “Everlong” and it helped through an emotional time.

What’s the title of the comedy horror film starring the band members of the Foo Fighters?

The title of the comedy horror film starring the band members of the Foo Fighters is “Studio 666” which was released on February 25th 2022.

What was Foo Fighters 2015 American tour called?

The Foo Fighters 2015 American tour was called “The Broken Leg Tour” because a few weeks earlier Dave Grohl had fallen off the stage at a show at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden and doctors advised him not to travel to Europe where him and the band were supposed to headline Glastonbury Festival. 

Which Foo Fighters song contains the lines “Now, I’m lookin’ to the sky to save me, lookin’ for a sign of life”?

The Foo Fighters song that contains the lines “Now, I’m lookin’ to the sky to save me, lookin’ for a sign of life” is “Learn to Fly” which was taken from the album “There Is Nothing Left To Lose”

Who replaced William Goldsmith on drums in Foo Fighters?

When William Goldsmith left Foo Fighters he was replaced by Taylor Hawkins who was Alanis Morrissette’s tour drummer.

What was the name of the album of demos Dave Grohl released under the pseudonym of Late! In 1992?

The name of the album of demos that Dave Grohl released under the pseudonym of Late! In 1992 was “Pocketwatch”.

Why did Foo Fighters pull out of Glastonbury in 2015?

Foo Fighters pulled out of Glastonbury in 2015 because Dave Grohl had broken his leg a few weeks earlier in Sweden and he was advised by doctors not to fly to Europe.

Which Foo Fighters song contains the lines “I know a wall to scale, I know a field without a name”?

The Foo Fighters song that contains the lines “I know a wall to scale, I know a field without a name” is “Long Road To Ruin” which is taken from the album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace”

Which is the only track on the Foo Fighters debut album that includes any other artist than Dave Grohl?

The only track on the Foo Fighters debut album that includes any other artist than Dave Grohl is “X-Static” which features guitarist Greg Dulli.

What year were the Foo Fighters inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

The Foo Fighters were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021 which was the first year they were eligible.

Who played guitar on part of the Foo Fighters song “X-Static”?

The other guitarist on the Foo Fighters song “X-Static” is Greg Dulli the guitarist for the band the Afghan Whigs.

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