George Harrison Albums Ranked (rated from worst to best)

George Harrison Albums Ranked (rated from worst to best)

George Harrison was an English singer/songwriter and musician who found worldwide fame as the lead guitarist with the Beatles. Most of the Beatles songs were co written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney,  but on most of their albums from 1965 onwards there were at least two songs written by George Harrison. Songs that George wrote for the Beatles include; “Something”, “Here Comes The Sun” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

After the Beatles split in 1970, George released a triple album entitled “All Things Must Pass” which included his most successful single “My Sweet Lord”. The album introduced us to his slide guitar sound that became so familiar in subsequent years. He worked for many years as a solo artist and also co-founded the “Traveling Wilburys”. As well as performing with many famous artists including; Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood, Tom Petty and Billy Preston.

George Harrison died of lung cancer at the age of 58 in 2001. His body was cremated and the ashes scattered on the Ganges and Yamuna rivers in India according to Hindu tradition.

Best George Harrison Albums Of All Time

George Harrison produced 12 solo studio albums which we will now rank as we see them from the rest to the best. If you think we have the order wrong, please feel free to let us know how you would have them ranked and why, in the comments.

12. Wonderwall Music (1968)

This was George Harrison’s debut solo album and the first album to be issued on the Apple record label (Beatles own label). As well as being the first solo project of any of the Beatles who were still together at this point. The tracks are all instrumental tracks apart from a few non-English language vocals. The album was the soundtrack for the 1968 film “Wonderwall” which was directed by Joe Massot. George used the film score to promote Indian classical music interspersed with country, psychedelic rock, experimental and ragtime style music. Other contributors to this album include guest appearances from Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and Tony Ashton and his band the Remo Four.

11. Electric Sound (1969)

This was George’s second solo album and the last issued on Zapple records, a subsidiary of Apple Records. It’s an experimental work containing two tracks both played on a Moog 3-series synthesiser. If you’re interested in the very large talent that is George Harrison’s guitar playing ability, this album isn’t for you, as it’s all synth and no guitar.

10. Somewhere In England (1981)

George wrote the song “All Those Years Ago” in November 1980 but never finished it. The following month John Lennon was murdered and George changed the lyrics to reflect the death of his friend and co Beatle. He had Ringo Starr play drums and Paul and Linda McCartney and their band mate from Wings Denny Laine sing backing vocals. The track was the first single released from the album “Somewhere In England” and it was George’s biggest hit in 8 years.

9. Gone Troppo (1982)

This album was a bit of a flop when it was released mainly because by this point George was so disillusioned with the music industry. So much so that this was his last recording for 5 years. The album title is taken from the Australian slang for madness induced by tropical heat or just going mad. 

8. Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)

This album didn’t get a good press on its release but was certified gold in the USA within 2 months of its release. The track “You” was co-produced by Phil Spector. The album includes the track “This Guitar (Can’t Keep From Crying)” which was a sequel to his earlier song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and also his way of answering his critics.

7. Dark Horse (1974)

George wrote this album during a period of turmoil in his life, with many of the tracks focusing on his split with his wife and his withdrawal from his spiritual life albeit temporarily. Also his previous US tour had received plenty of bad reviews mainly due to the US audience expecting something more Beatles-like than the more Indian centred music George was feeling and his inclusion of Ravi Shankar and George’s subsequent laryngitis whilst on tour. It was also the first solo album  by George not to chart in the UK.

6. George Harrison (1979)

With guest appearances from Gary Wright and Eric Clapton, this album has a far happier sound to “Dark Horse”. Recorded just after his marriage to Olivia Arias and the birth of his son Dhani, this album has been described as his best work since the release of his triple album “All Things Must Pass”. Stand out tracks include; “Blow Away” and “Your Love Is Forever”.

5. Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)

This was the album that brought George back to his happier musical times. After the drama of the “My Sweet Lord”/”He’s So Fine” court case he wrote the track “This Song” as he said to, “exorcise the paranoia about songwriting”. The track “Pure Smokey” was a tribute to the soul singer Smokey Robinson. George said of the album “I think generally the album’s nice because it’s happy … We go through so many crazy things in our lives and I’ve been up and down and up and down, and the music always reflects it … This one is just happy and up, that’s what I like about it.”

4. Brainwashed (2002)

“Brainwashed” was George’s last studio album which was released almost a year after his death and was completed by his son Dhani, session drummer Jim Keltner and long time friend Jeff Lynne.  George had been writing tracks for this album for almost a decade in between other works including his work with the Traveling Wilburys. He had previously hinted that this album would either be called “Portrait Of A Leg End” or “Your Planet Is Doomed-Volume One”. He knew he was dying from cancer and focused his time on working on the album and sharing his ideas with his son Dhani and his long time friend Jeff Lynne.

3. Living In The Material World (1973)

This was the follow up album to “All Things Must Pass” which had received international acclaim. “Living In The Material World” didn’t disappoint, it came out of the blocks running with the release of the single “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)”. The album shows how George was struggling to attain spiritual enlightenment whilst living as a rock superstar.

2. Cloud Nine (1987)

This was the last studio album released during George’s lifetime, and it sees him back on form after his 5 year hiatus away from the music industry. It features the track “Got My Mind Set On You” which was the first single released from the album and was also a cover of a James Ray song which was released in 1961 and written by Rudy Clark. Harrison’s version reached number one in the US and number 2 in the UK and was his first number one hit in the US for 14 years. Other stand out tracks include; “When We Was Fab”, “This Is Love” and “Cloud Nine”.

1. All Things Must Pass (1970)

This was George’s 3rd solo studio album and was released as a triple album in November 1970. It includes the tracks “My Sweet Lord”, “What Is Life” and “Isn’t It A Pity”. It was the first album to include George playing slide guitar and the spiritual element that was included in many of his subsequent albums. The original vinyl release was made up of two LPs and a third disc titled “Apple Jams” which were recordings of informal jam sessions. Backing musicians used on the album included; Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Gary Wright, Badfinger, Pete Drake, Billy Preston, Klaus Voorman and members of Delaney & Bonnie’s Friends Band (some of whom formed Derek and the Dominos with Eric Clapton).

All George Harrison Albums In Chronological Order

Wonderwall Music1968
Electronic Sound1969
All Things Must Pass1970
Living In The Material World1973
Dark Horse1974
Extra Texture (Read All About It) 1975
Thirty Three & 1/31976
George Harrison1979
Somewhere in England 1981
Gone Troppo1982
Cloud Nine 1987

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best selling George Harrison album?

George Harrison’s best selling album was “All Things Must Pass” (1970) which has sold more than 3.7 million copies.

What is the newest George Harrison album?

George Harrison’s newest album was “Brainwashed” (2002) which was released almost a year after his death. He’d been working on it for some time and it was completed by his son Dhani and close friend Jeff Lynne.

What is the first George Harrison album?

The first George Harrison album was “Wonderwall Music” (1968) which he recorded for the soundtrack of the 1968 film of the same name.

What is George Harrison’s most famous song?

George Harrison’s most famous song is “My Sweet Lord” which was released on November 23rd 1970 in the US and on January 15th 1971 in the UK. It was the first number one single for any ex-Beatle and featured many backing artists including Eric Clapton and Ringo Starr.

When did George Harrison start?

George Harrison started performing in 1958 with the Quarrymen (with Paul McCartney and John Lennon).

George Harrison’s genres were; Pop, rock and Indian classical.

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