Best Guitar For Short Fingers

Best Guitar For Short Fingers

Trying to buy the best  guitar for short fingers, but aren’t sure what you’re looking out for? Our team break down precisely what you should be looking for and how much money you should expect them to cost. 

Make sure you read on to the end to learn what the guitar retailers wouldn’t tell you about choosing  guitars.

Best Guitar For Short Fingers Buyers Guide

If you’ve been looking for a guitar to suit someone with small fingers, you’ll know it’s not that easy to find. Don’t despair though, there are plenty out there for sale you just need to know what it is specifically you’re looking for.

Neck Size

Short fingered guitarists need a guitar with a narrow neck, this allows a comfortable grip on the guitar, enough space to make chord shapes correctly and if the guitarist wants to shred or just play at a faster speed a thin neck will make this possible.

Shorter Fretboard

The average size fretboard is between 25 to 28 inches or thereabouts, it is possible to get a shorter fretboard of between 22 inches and 24.5 inches. Having a shorter fretboard will usually result in a thinner neck, which will make playing the guitar easier with shorter fingers.

Nylon Strings

If you play an acoustic guitar try changing the steel strings for nylon strings, they are lighter and easier to play. You do lose a bit of the clarity of sound by changing to nylon strings but you gain extra playability.

Electric Guitars For Small Hands

Many guitar manufacturers are beginning to cater for guitarists with short fingers. Epiphone and Fender make some excellent smaller replica guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play guitar with short fingers?

Yes you can play guitar with short fingers, try to get a smaller guitar with a shorter fretboard.

What are considered small hands?

Small hands are considered to be less than 8.5 inches span from the thumb to the fifth finger.