Best Guitar For Ska

Best Guitar For Ska

Trying to buy the best  guitar for ska for your budget, but you aren’t certain what to look for? Our crew will teach you what you should be looking for and how much money you should expect them to cost. 

 So continue reading all the way through to find out what the guitar retailers won’t like you learning about purchasing ska guitars.

Best Guitar For Ska Buyers Guide

To play Ska any decent guitar will be sufficient, we find it best to use single-coil pickups, as they seem to produce clearer sounding notes. But as always, the choice is yours. Go with whatever you feel most comfortable,always remember that Ska is about rhythm.

Best Pickups For Ska

We find single coil pickups produce the best sound for Ska. These produce a sharper, crisper sound than the softer toned humbuckers. Obviously the best  single coil pickups out there will come with a fairly hefty price tag. Especially if they are fitted to a Fender Strat or something similar. If you’re on a budget consider the single coil lipstick pickup that comes with a Danelectro or similar.

Think About The Buzz             

With the emphasis being on that clear ringing tone, the last thing you need is buzzing caused by the action on the guitar. Be sure to check the strings are close enough to the fretboard, but not so close as to affect the quality of the sound.

Guitar Weight

Not all guitars weigh the same, and assuming you’ll be gigging for at least a couple of need a guitar that’s comfortable for you to hold. Semi-hollow guitars are often lighter than solid bodied models, but it comes down to personal choice at the end of the day.

Scale Length

There can be a difference of at least 2 inches in the scale length of a guitar neck. This can make a huge difference when playing further up the fretboard, find out as much as you can about as many guitars as you can before making your final choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Ska start?

Ska began way back in the 1950s in Jamaica, but it was the mid 1960s before ska arrived in the UK. A song called “my boy lollipop” by Millie Small.

What is the best guitar for SKA?

Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters are among the best guitars for creating the ska sound. Others prefer to use hollow bodied guitars, but this will depend on the song you are playing and your preferences.

How do you get ska sound on guitar?

To get the ska sound on the guitar, mute the strings and strum the chord down, then play an upstroke without muting the chord, then quickly mute the chord again.

How do you get a ska tone?

One of the most common ways guitarists get the ska tone is by using a Fender guitar with a Reverb pedal. You could also use an out-of-phase pickup position, keeping the switch in the middle position so it does not pick up from either the bridge or the neck.