Best Guitar For Thrash Metal

Best Guitar For Thrash Metal

Trying to find the best thrash metal guitar for your budget, but you aren’t exactly sure what to look for? Our pros will teach you precisely what you should be checking for and how much you should expect them to cost. 

Make sure you continue reading all the way through to find out what the guitar retailers won’t like you learning about purchasing thrash metal guitars.

Best Guitar For Thrash Metal Buyers Guide

The choice of guitars available nowadays is incredible, and the amount that are suitable for thrash metal is amazing. If you want to play thrash metal, you should start with an electric guitar.

Inexpensive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Cheap And Nasty

There are many budget type electric guitars that are perfectly suitable for playing thrash metal. You might need to replace the pickups, but apart from that many low priced guitars will do the job.

Best Pickups For Thrash Metal

To play thrash metal successfully you need a clean,clear sound. Understanding what effect pickups play in creating guitar sounds will help you to become a better player. Single coil pickups, like those featured on the Fender Stratocaster create a great sound, but they are prone to feedback. That’s that annoying sound that comes back through the speakers and makes your playing sound bad.

To eradicate that hum, Gibson invented the humbucker pickup. They linked 2 single coil pickups together in such a way as to buck the hum, hence humbuckers. So the best choice of pickups for thrash metal are humbuckers.

Best Bridge For Thrash Guitar

The type of bridge you choose for thrash metal will either have a tremolo arm or a fixed bridge. You need to decide whether you will be playing mainly rhythm or lead. If you decide you would like to play lead guitar then choose a guitar with a tremolo.

Number Of Strings

Thrash metal like all other types of music played on the guitar has been traditionally played on 6-string guitars, but now there are 7,8 and even 9-string guitars available for thrash metal. The number of strings makes a big difference to the amount of tunes you can play. Check out your favourite bands, see how many strings they use, if you can play their stuff using 6-strings great, if you need 7 or 8 then go for it. 

Top Brands For Thrash Metal

This is just a guide, as there are many great copies and cheaper options available, but some of the best brands for thrash include

  • Gibson
  • Ibanez
  • Schecter
  • Jackson
  • ESP
  • And many more

Frequently Asked Questions

What guitars are best for thrash?

For many years Gibsons have made the best guitars for thrash. But there are many other brands that produce great sounding guitars for thrash including Shecter, Ibanez, Jackson and many more.

Can you play metal on a Les Paul?

Les Paul’s are perfect guitars for playing metal, the humbucker pickups help to prevent feedback. The thickness of the body helps to sustain notes.