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Colin Stephens Enthusiastic Guitar Lessons Serving Bacup

Colin Stephens - Enthusiastic Guitar Lessons Serving Bacup

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, I teach people of all ages - all you need is a passion to learn how to play music. I am Colin Stephens and I have been coaching students to play the guitar for number of years. I've got lots of expertise to offer you. Connect with me now by clicking on the button below.

Phone: 01617633193.
Online Guitar Lessons Bacup

Online Guitar Lessons Bacup

Looking to learn guitar at your own pace, from the safety of your home and for as many hours as you like? What if we said you could do that at a lower price per month than most guitar teachers charge per hour? And what's more, the first 2 weeks are completely FREE!

These online lessons transform beginners into bad asses, and average players into axe slayers. And because they're pre-recorded, you get them at a MUCH lower price than they're truly worth. Plus, if you sign up for free today, you'll get an additional FREE BONUS to welcome you in (offer ends midnight 26/05/2022)

Try it risk-free by clicking on the button below to start learning instantly for free - over 1.79 million other people did, and their biggest regret was that they didn't start sooner

Ken Pearson

Ken Pearson - Wonderful Guitar Teacher Near Bacup (Bolton)

Trying to master the axe with a warm and friendly teacher? You'll love Ken Pearson! With countless yrs of experience, Ken can help you become way better at playing the guitar, regardless of the experience you've got right now. Structured and progressive means that one thing you have learnt leads on to another so you are always adding onto your skills and ability. Don't delay, speak to Ken immediately.

Phone: 01204305165.
Darren Atkins

Darren Atkins - Kind Guitar Teacher Accrington

Trying to learn to play the axe with a helpful coach? Accrington native Darren Atkins is happy to assist at playing the guitar. Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable with the aim of helping the student achieve their personal desired level of ability. All styles, genres and techniques are taught in a progressive manner to help the student become a well rounded guitarist. Talk to Darren today by clicking a method below.

Phone: 01254390464.
Karl Jones

Karl Jones - Great Teacher Oldham

Would you describe yourself as intrigued by the six strings? worried it could be too monotonous? Excellent. You should phone this amazing mentor as soon as possible. Karl Jones has got a remarkable track record at coaching and wants to help you get better faster than you thought you could. Karl teaches all ages and levels from 7 to 70 from beginner to advanced specialising in rock and pop guitar styles.

Phone: 01616249809.
Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor - Friendly Mentor In Oldham

Dave Taylor is an amazing guitar teacher who teaches in Bacup. They've been teaching and playing the six strings for a very long time and also has an impressive rep throughout the guitar industry. Whether you've got loads of experience or none at all, Dave will be an amazing help. Get in touch right now.

Phone: 07772138383.
Chris Preston

Chris Preston - Awesome Guitar Lessons In Burnley

How goes it I'm Chris Preston. I have been coaching students to play the six strings for countless years. I have been playing and teaching guitar for over 30 years as both a professional and semi-professional musician. And I have tons of knowledge to push you to become amazing.

Phone: 01282702378.
Mark Jones Respectful Mentor Serving Bacup

Mark Jones - Respectful Mentor Serving Bacup

Hiya Mark Jones here. Want to learn guitar? I have been playing and teaching the electric & acoustic guitar for years. And have loads of guitar knowledge to offer you. Have a chat with me today.

Phone: 01204595318.
David Marshall

David Marshall - Highly Rated Guitar Instructor Serving Bacup

David Marshall is a skilled guitar educator that's been teaching guitar lessons in Bacup for a huge amount of years. Their huge understanding of guitar theory will help you comprehend playing the six strings and take you to where you wish to be quickly. David is enthusiastic about teaching people to play the guitar & will certainly love to instruct you as well. Be sure to contact David right now by selecting the contact method beneath.

Phone: 01616529642.
Adam Walker Top Teacher In Bacup

Adam Walker - Top Teacher In Bacup

Adam Walker is an expert guitar tutor that offers services in Bacup. Adam has been teaching students the electric and acoustic guitar for a number of years and has a great name throughout the industry. Adam’s main specialism is beginner instrumentalists looking to learn the basics of the instrument whether that be learning to read music and working towards graded exams (ABRSM, Trinity or Rockschool) or simply to learn a favourite song. If you've got lots of experience or literally none at all, Adam will be a huge help. Get in touch right now.

Phone: 07450264403.
Paul Britton

Paul Britton - Beginner - Advanced Teacher Bacup

Do you want to figure out how to play the guitar with a warm and friendly coach? Look no further than Paul Britton! With many years experience, Paul can help you become far better at playing the six strings, regardless of the experience you currently possess. So don't wait, contact Paul right now.

Phone: 01706877610.
Simon Rushton

Simon Rushton - Magnificent Guitar Mentor Near Bacup (Todmorden)

Wanting to learn guitar? Are you worried it could cost too much per lesson? Great. You'll want to contact this calm teacher right now.

Phone: 07857851667.
John Doyle

John Doyle - Best Tutor Bacup

John Doyle is a skilled guitar trainer that's been teaching guitar located in Bacup for a huge amount of years. Their thorough insights of music theory is going to make you better understand playing the six strings and get you to where you wish to be in a flash. John really enjoys educating people to play the guitar & will like to help you too. Speak to John right now by clicking on one of the methods down below.

Phone: 07814147975.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can lessons be taken online?

Where lectures take place will be 100% the decision of the mentor you choose to go with. The majority of mentors will prefer to do lessons online, though there are still some teachers who prefer to offer in person mentorship. Why not enquire with an instructor obligation free by contacting a tutors listed here.

Are lessons newcomer friendly?

The vast majority guitar tutors in Bacup are fully suitable for the inexperienced.

What price do guitar mentors cost in Bacup?

As a rough ballpark figure guitar tutors located in Bacup will cost roughly £20 - £59 per lesson, depending on the instructor you decide on. If you wish to find out exactly what price it'll cost, message a teacher at the top of this page today.

How To Choose The Perfect Teacher

Choosing a guitar instructor has always been hard, and so we’ve gathered the top guitar teachers near your location to make it easy to choose a guitar tutor.

Every single one of the mentors at are wonderful teachers who will certainly make your guitar playing become impressive, fast.

Have a browse through our instructors listed above and telephone them immediately.

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