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Fergus Vickers Magnificent Teacher Serving Leeds

Fergus Vickers - Magnificent Teacher Serving Leeds

I am Fergus Vickers from York and I have been training students to play the acoustic & electric guitar for a very long time. I've got heaps of skills to push you to become good. Students benefit from tailor made-high quality resources provided by me, and can choose to study online or in person. All areas of guitar playing are covered from technique, theory, improvisation to fretboard knowledge and more. Connect with me immediately by clicking on the link below.

Phone: 07563127453.
Online Guitar Lessons Leeds

Online Guitar Lessons Leeds

Looking to learn guitar at your own pace, from the safety of your home and for as many hours as you like? What if we said you could do that at a lower price per month than most guitar teachers charge per hour? And what's more, the first 2 weeks are completely FREE!

These online lessons transform beginners into bad asses, and average players into axe slayers. And because they're pre-recorded, you get them at a MUCH lower price than they're truly worth. Plus, if you sign up for free today, you'll get an additional FREE BONUS to welcome you in (offer ends midnight 27/05/2022)

Try it risk-free by clicking on the button below to start learning instantly for free - over 1.79 million other people did, and their biggest regret was that they didn't start sooner

Jamie Holroyd

Jamie Holroyd - Brilliant Guitar Instructor Leeds

Jamie Holroyd is an expert guitar tutor that serves Leeds. And Jamie has been teaching students the electric and acoustic guitar for a large number of years and also has an outstanding reputation in the guitar industry. Jamie aims to demystify music in a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere by meeting you at your level while breaking down complex aspects into digestible chunks. Whether you have tons of expertise or none at all, Jamie would like to help. Get in touch today.

Phone: 07510828879.
Curtis Shaw

Curtis Shaw - Best Guitar Mentor Leeds

Trying to master the axe? Are you feeling worried it will take too long to pick up? Excellent. phone Curtis Shaw today. Curtis currently teaches at various schools throughout the local area. Whether you or your child would like to learn Classical, Rock or Bass Guitar, Curtis has all the skills to teach music in a relaxing environment and can offer entry to both Rockschool and ABRSM Examinations if required. Curtis boasts an amazing track record at coaching and is keen to help you become outstanding faster than you knew possible.

Phone: 07946582795.
Chris Morton Experienced Guitar Teacher In Leeds

Chris Morton - Experienced Guitar Teacher In Leeds

Looking to figure out how to play the axe with a warm and friendly teacher? Leeds native Chris Morton is willing to help at guitars. If you want to learn your favourite songs, develop your technique, improve your understanding of music theory or write your own songs – Chris can help you with all of these things and more. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or you’ve been playing for years, Chris will design a course of study that’s just right for you. Contact Chris immediately by clicking a button below.

Phone: 07928972060.
Megan Roe Expert Guitar Teacher Serving Leeds

Megan Roe - Expert Guitar Teacher Serving Leeds

Would you like to learn to play guitar with a friendly tutor? Meet Megan Roe! With numerous yrs prior experience, they will help you to get better at using the guitar, no matter what experience you've got right now. Megan will teach you not only how to play guitar but, how to perform, write, and improvise (beginner to advanced). And they'd love to hear from you, reach out to Megan immediately.

Phone: 07474727026.
Andy Parkinson

Andy Parkinson - Happy Guitar Tutor Near Leeds (Shipley)

Andy Parkinson is an adept guitar coach that has been coaching novices in Leeds for a number of years. Their considerable insights of guitar theory will definitely make you understand using the six strings and get you to where you desire to be rapidly. All lessons include resources and are backed up by email support which is also included as part of the standard lesson rate. Andy loves mentoring students to play the guitar and would definitely love to teach you as well. Contact Andy immediately by clicking on one of the buttons shown below.

Phone: 07824558226.
Luke Harrison

Luke Harrison - Beginner To Advanced Guitar Mentor Near Leeds (Shipley)

Hi, My name's Luke Harrison. I have been playing and teaching the six strings for a large number of years. The lessons include Music Theory with focus on various techniques and playing styles that will benefit the style of music that you would like to play, while overall having fun and enjoying playing in any setting you'd like. And have tons of musical expertise to help you become a master.

Phone: 07787516007.
David Grainger

David Grainger - Great Guitar Instructor

Hi-ya My name's David Grainger - I've been coaching the electric and acoustic guitar for a very long time. As an experienced guitarist and teacher with Grade 8 (Distinction) I can help players of all ages and abilities to get started, discover their own favourites from over five centuries of beautiful music, or improve their existing skills. And I got plenty of guitar know how to help you get better.

Phone: 07814021394.
Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson - Qualified Lessons Serving Leeds

I am Paul Thompson and I have been playing the guitar for many years. I've got loads of musical experience to help you become a master at playing electric and acoustic guitar. Whatever your ambition or aspirations are, either pursuing a career in music, simply playing for sheer pleasure or something in between I have the right courses for you. Be sure to contact me immediately by clicking below.

Phone: 07899691886.
Paul Stead

Paul Stead - Kind Guitar Tuition Serving Leeds

Paul Stead is a dependable guitar coach that's been coaching the six strings throughout Leeds for a large amount of years. No matter if you are a rookie or maybe a skilled player, Paul can absolutely make you get good at the six strings. If you can already play, but have got stuck and want to learn finger picking styles, Paul can help you with that. Their vast practical knowledge of music theory is going to help you better comprehend playing the six strings and get you to where you intend to be swiftly. Paul really loves teaching students on the guitar & will certainly love to mentor you too.

Phone: 07720841452.
Sam Dunn

Sam Dunn - Superb Guitar Tuition Leeds

Looking to master playing the axe with a friendly tutor? Then say hello to Sam Dunn! With countless years of prior experience, they can help you to become way better at playing the six strings, despite what knowledge you've got right now. So don't wait, reach out to Sam

Phone: 07782164231.
Seb Munday

Seb Munday - Local Guitar Instructor In Leeds

Would you like to master playing the six strings with a welcoming teacher? Seb offers guitar lessons in of all ages and abilities and give students a personally tailored learning experience which is based around their musical tastes and guitar playing goals. Get in touch with Seb Munday right away by clicking a method shown below.

Phone: 07966462631.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the guitar teacher provide a guitar I can borrow?

You do need to use your own instrument when using most mentors.

Do all guitar mentors teach acoustic and electric guitar?

Absolutely, a large amount of guitar teachers will train you to use both electric & acoustic guitar. But instead of guessing it's worth checking with your chosen mentor first to ensure they are able to.

How much do Leeds teachers cost per hour

Local mentors in Leeds cost around £20 - £54 per lesson, and this is dependant on the teacher you hire.

Advice When Searching For The Greatest Mentor Near Leeds

Searching for a mentor has often been tricky, which is why we’ve listed the greatest guitar instructors near Leeds to save your time.

Every single one of the instructors shown at the top are professional mentors who is excited to make you become amazing in no time.

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