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Stuart Bahn Happy Mentor Serving Westminster

Stuart Bahn - Happy Mentor Serving Westminster

Stuart Bahn is a highly trained guitar tutor that has been teaching students located in Westminster for a lot of years. Whether you're an amateur or possibly a professional, Stuart can absolutely make you become amazing at any guitar. Their wide-ranging insights of music theory is going to make you better understand the guitar and take you to where you want to be promptly. Stuart is enthusiastic about mentoring students on the guitar and will want to teach you as well. Contact Stuart now by selecting one of the contact methods listed below.

Phone: 07876552375.
Nick Harris Respectful Guitar Lessons Serving Westminster

Nick Harris - Respectful Guitar Lessons Serving Westminster

Hi I'm Nick Harris - I've been teaching the guitar for an extended number of years. And I have tons of musical wisdom to push you to get great. Get in touch with me immediately! I am fully PGCE qualified, DBS checked with extensive experience teaching in Special Educational Needs. If you have a lot of knowledge or none at all, I can help.

Phone: 07791891852.
Online Guitar Lessons Westminster

Online Guitar Lessons Westminster

Looking to learn guitar at your own pace, from the safety of your home and for as many hours as you like? What if we said you could do that at a lower price per month than most guitar teachers charge per hour? And what's more, the first 2 weeks are completely FREE!

These online lessons transform beginners into bad asses, and average players into axe slayers. And because they're pre-recorded, you get them at a MUCH lower price than they're truly worth. Plus, if you sign up for free today, you'll get an additional FREE BONUS to welcome you in (offer ends midnight 26/05/2022)

Try it risk-free by clicking on the button below to start learning instantly for free - over 1.79 million other people did, and their biggest regret was that they didn't start sooner

Ray Gallo

Ray Gallo - Top Rated Guitar Lessons

Aloha, My name's Ray Gallo - Do you wanna be taught guitar? I have been coaching students to play the guitar for a large number of years. Playing guitar can be fun but as in most things requires the necessary amount of practice to really do well. And I've got heaps of skills to push you to become a expert.

Phone: 02088884666.
Cliff Smith

Cliff Smith - Patient Guitar Mentor

I am Cliff Smith and I have been teaching students the six strings for a large number of years. I've got loads of expertise to teach you. I am a full time, experienced teacher with formal music qualifications. I give ukulele lessons, guitar lessons and music theory lessons from my London studio or online via Skype. Speak to me now by clicking on beneath!

Phone: 07870369131.
Dave Troke

Dave Troke - Enthusiastic Lessons In Acton

Dave Troke is a trained guitar teacher that's been teaching guitar lessons throughout Westminster for a number of years. If you're a newcomer or an expert, Dave can absolutely push you to get better at acoustic or electric guitar. Their in depth expertise of guitar theory will certainly help you understand using the six strings and take you to where you intend to be swiftly. Dave really loves mentoring people on the guitar and will like to help you too. Have a chat with Dave right away by clicking 1 of the buttons beneath.

Phone: 07838103147.
Sean Flood

Sean Flood - Top Rated Guitar Mentor London

Trying to figure out how to play the guitar with a helpful instructor? Let me introduce you to Sean Flood! With a great number of yrs experience, they can easily help you become much better at playing the six strings, regardless of the experience you currently possess. Having instructed a number of women and men all around Westminster, Sean has the wisdom to get you playing like a pro in a flash. Don't delay, reach out to Sean immediately.

Phone: 07932723010.
Daniele Piroddi

Daniele Piroddi - Awesome Guitar Instructor

Want to learn to play guitar with an enthusiastic tutor? Phone Daniele Piroddi today by clicking a method down below. In the first lessons you will talk about the technique for the right and the left hand with some useful exercises, posture (to be comfortable when you are playing), start to read the music (so able to read and play different kinds of music), and obviously start to play some short pieces.

Phone: 07828793283.
Jonathan Hill Superb Guitar Tuition Serving Westminster

Jonathan Hill - Superb Guitar Tuition Serving Westminster

Do you want to figure out how to play the six strings with a courteous coach? Contact Jonathan Hill right away by clicking a button listed below.

Phone: 07984463722.
Owen Will

Owen Will - Kind Guitar Teacher

If you're a beginning guitarist and you're looking for easy, fun songs to help get you started or you're a more experienced player looking for a fresh approach to your music, Owen will open up a world of possibilities for your guitar playing. Owen Will is a patient guitar tutor who teaches in Westminster. And Owen has been playing and teaching the acoustic and electric guitar for a very long time and also has an outstanding name in the coaching industry. If you've got tons of knowledge or absolutely none whatsoever, Owen will be a huge help. Contact them right now.

Phone: 07979008675.
John Hudson

John Hudson - Beginner To Advanced Guitar Lessons

Want to learn guitar with a local tutor? Call John Hudson immediately by selecting a button shown below. John built up a thriving teaching practice combining work at Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and the Arts with private teaching.

Phone: 02086934396.
Blake Wilner

Blake Wilner - Experienced Tuition

Blake Wilner is a seasoned guitar teacher that has been coaching students around Westminster for a number of years. Their extensive knowledge of music theory is going to help you better comprehend the guitar and get you to where you want to be promptly. Blake truly enjoys teaching students to play the guitar and would definitely love to mentor you as well.

Phone: 07880637715.
Aris Lanaridis

Aris Lanaridis - Amazing Guitar Lessons

Have you ever thought how your life would be if you could play a musical instrument like the guitar? Have you ever wondered why this instrument is, without doubt, the most popular instrument around? No need to! All you have to do is to give it a try! It will become your best friend and will turn you into the most popular person around. Greetings! My name is Aris Lanaridis. I have been coaching students to play the guitar for number of years. And I got plenty of experience to make you become impressive.

Phone: 07901938872.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have previous experience playing guitar?

No, you do not need to have a working knowledge of the fundamentals before doing lessons.

Where do lessons take place?

Many tutors will prefer to do lessons on Facebook, though there are also a ton of teachers who prefer to offer face to face mentorship. Don't forget you're able to ask a tutor free of charge by calling one of our tutors shown here.

How much are Westminster tutors?

Most guitar mentors located in Westminster cost roughly £25 - £62 for each hour and this is dependant on the mentor you find.

Selecting A Calm Tutor In Westminster

Hiring a tutor has always been problematic, which is why we’ve gathered the greatest guitar instructors near Westminster so you don’t have to.

Each of the tutors here are professional tutors who will certainly make your skills improve in no time at all.

Take a look through our instructors featured at the top and get in touch with them right now.

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