Best Guitars For Metal

Best Guitars For Metal

There are a great deal of heavy metal guitarists out there who make it look easy to create those killer riffs and earth shattering solos. To get anywhere near to that you are going to have to get the right guitar to start with. We will show you exactly what you need to consider before laying out any of your hard earned cash.

With so much choice and so many experts giving advice, it’s best to get to know a few basics before getting tied down to any type of deal. A little knowledge definitely goes a long way in the world of metal guitars.

Metal Guitarists Buyers Guide

Before you buy your heavy metal guitar, here are a few things worth considering. 

Low Action

To create those banging thrash riffs and awesome solos, you need a guitar with low action. If the strings are too high from the fretboard you will never achieve those wicked hammer-ons and pull-offs and fast finger work.

Neck Size

If the neck is too wide, your hands will slow down, too narrow and you’ll fluff the notes. You need to play the guitar and get a feel for the neck.


The type of pickups installed on a guitar definitely influence the sound it produces. If you’re planning on palm muting to get a distorted sound, a decent bridge humbucker is a must. Also the number of pickups can make a great deal of difference. Plus modern metal guitars are often equipped with built-in preamps for clarity of sound.

Speed Is Key

Metal riffs are all about speed so the guitar you choose needs to enhance your speed not hinder it. So low action, thin neck, and a flat fingerboard are essential. 

How Many Strings Do You Need?

Are you planning to play in lower tunings? If so you might prefer a 7 or 8 string guitar or do you prefer playing a baritone 6-string, if this is your choice you’re going to need a longer scale neck for better tension.

Ever Tuned Bridge

Not designed to tune the guitar for you, but once in tune, it keeps in tune. No matter how brutal you are, finger bending, exaggerated string stretching or whatever and it still stayed tuned up.

Looks Good

It’s not all about the way it plays, the guitar you choose has to look right too. We get that, and with so many styles available right now, there will definitely be a design that suits you. From conventional to Flying Vs, Explorers to Strats. And of course colours, blacks purples, white, and pretty much every colour under the sun, there is definitely a guitar with your name on it.

How Much will A Metal Guitar Cost?

From as little as £200.00 to as much as £3,500.00 not all metal guitars are expensive. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Les Paul good for metal?

The Gibson Les Paul is an ideal guitar for metal and has been used by many great metal guitarists including Slash, Randy Rhoads, Adam Jones, Buckethead to name a few.

What strings do Schecter guitars come with?

Schecter guitars are supplied with Ernie Ball strings.