How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost (Prices in UK, USA & Canada)

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost? (Prices in UK, USA & Canada)

We often get asked this question, so we thought we’d cover it in a post. The price for guitar lessons vary according to many factors, we’ll look at that in more detail below. The various ways of teaching work better for different situations.

You’ll probably need some face to face lessons to be sure you have grasped the technique. Your tutor can correct little nuances that are not always possible on Skype learning sessions. That said, many excellent lessons can be taught via video call. So we would recommend at least one face to face lesson per month.

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What’s The Average Price Of A Guitar Lesson?

Let’s look at how much you can expect to pay for an hours guitar lesson wherever you are in the world.

LocationAverage Cost Per HourAverage Cost Per 30 MInutes
United Kingdom£30£15
Australia$30 to $35 AUS$15 to $17.5 AUS
Canada$50 CAN$25 CAN
United States of America$60 USD$30 USD

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Guitar Tuition UK

With some guitarists charging as low as £12 per hour, and others charging up to £50 or more, and taking into account regional variations, the average cost for an hour’s guitar tuition is £30 Be careful though as some advertise the price and it’s not until you speak to them that they’re quoting for ½ hour sessions.

How Much Will It Cost For A Guitar Tutor In Australia?

It seems to be about the same to hire a guitar tutor in Australia as it is in the UK, anywhere from $20 Aus, to $60 AUS with an average of around $30-$35 AUS.

How Much Does It Cost Four 1 Hour Guitar Lesson In Canada?

In Canada Guitar lessons per hour average at around $50 CAN, It seems many Canadian guitar lesson plans are based around 30 minute sessions.

What Does It Cost For A 1 Hour Guitar Lesson In The USA?

In the USA the average cost of a guitar lesson lasting 1 hour is around $60 USD This is subject to regional variations. Rural areas tend to have less choice, where cities are well stocked with good guitar tutors.

What’s The Price For Guitar Tuition In Europe?

As Europe covers such a large area, with many different countries and economies,costs can vary but the average cost overall for a 1 hour guitar lesson is around €50 with some countries like Denmark costing slightly more than the average. 

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What Factors Affect Guitar Lesson Costs

Guitar Teacher With Student

There are many factors that affect the cost of a guitar lesson. Let’s look at the most common.

  • Lesson Length
  • Lesson Level
  • Tutors Skill Level
  • Where The Lessons Take Place
  • Where You Live
  • Acoustic Or Electric

Lesson Length

The length of the lesson will have a bearing on the price. Most tutors have a price per hour, and if you only have a 30 minute lesson they will charge you half of the hourly rate and so on.

Lesson Level

A beginners entry level lesson is often offered free of charge by many tutors. This is to see whether you and the tutor are the right fit. Then they usually offer a block booking discount, something along the lines of 10 lessons for X amount. These deals work well for both parties, as you are usually saving a few bob by buying in bulk, and the tutor knows that X amount of time every week for the next 10 weeks are booked.

Pupils Skill Level

If you’re beyond the first stages of guitar playing, you know your way around basic chords, can put in the odd riff etc, you might be looking to improve on your skillset and increase your playing knowledge and range. You’ll need a different tutor, or at least a more experienced tutor. This could possibly cost you slightly more money.

Tutors Skill Level

Most jobbing guitarists tutor to help fund their lifestyle, with the bulk of their money coming from paid gigs. The more experienced they are, the more hourly fee they can demand.

Lesson Location

Another factor that will almost certainly affect the price is where the lesson will take place. Many guitarists have their own studios where they prefer to teach from. Others are prepared to make house calls and tutor you in the comfort of your own home.

Pros And Cons Of Attending A Guitar Tutors Studio

Pros Cons
Quiet, Uninterrupted RoomYou Need To Pack Your Guitar
The Tutor Will Have All They Need Close To HandYou Will Need To Factor In Travel Times And Costs
Guitar Focussed EnvironmentUncomfortable Surroundings

Pros And Cons Of Home Tutoring

Pros Cons
Comfortable SurroundingsPossible Family Interruptions
Everything You Need Is On HandLess Guitar Focussed Environment
No Travel Times Or CostsWill Cost More Due To tutors Travel Expenses

Your Location

If you live in a city, there will be a larger choice of guitar tutors available than if you live in a small town. However, the cost of hiring a guitar tutor will probably be more in a city than in a small town.

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Type Of Guitar Lessons

Acoustic guitar lessons are less costly than electric guitar lessons. This is due to the extra tuition needed in basic set up, and volume/tone control sound variations and effects pedals.

Online Guitar Lessons

Price Isn’t Everything

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that the most expensive is the best and vice versa, many talented tutors don’t know their own worth. In this internet age it’s easy to find honest reviews on guitar tutors. Find one fairly local to you, with pretty good reviews and don’t be afraid to contact them and ask them about their experience, what you can expect to get from their tutoring and do they do block booking discounts. 

Free Guitar Tuition

If you’re looking for some free guitar tuition youtube is as good a place as any to start your search. The problem with this type of learning is you can’t get any feedback. Or any pointers either. If your technique is wrong, there’s nobody to correct you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are guitar lessons worth it?

Guitar lessons are worth it if you want to learn the guitar quickly and correctly. With the average cost of around £30 per hour, guitar lessons are good value for money.

How much do tutors charge per hour in the UK?

Tutors charge between £12 to £60 per hour in the UK.

How often should you take guitar lessons?

To learn properly, you should take guitar lessons every week or at least every 2 weeks.

What is the best age to start guitar lessons?

Any age is a good age to learn to play the guitar, but children at around 6 years old is a good time to start learning.

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