What Kind Of Guitar Did Jimmie Rodgers Use

What Kind Of Guitar Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

Jimmie Rodgers was an American singer, songwriter and musician who was a popular artist in the 1920s. Often called the father of country music, the singing brakeman and the blue yodeler. He worked in the country and blues music genres and is best remembered for his yodeling.

By the age of 13 he had left home twice to go on road trips with travelling shows, the first time after winning a talent contest, both times he was brought back home by his father. His father got him a job working as a water boy on the railroad where he was taught how to play guitar by other railroad workers and traveling tramps.

He then progressed to the position of brakeman where he heard many of the African-American chants by the railroad track layers. At the age of 27 he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis this ended his career on the railroads, but gave him the opportunity to get back on the road organising travelling shows. He eventually secured a slot on WWNC radio with a group called the Tenneva ramblers, they changed their name to The Jimmie Rodgers Entertainers.

In time the band split and Jimmie started performing as a solo artist, he got a recording contract with the Victor talking machine company. He had hits with numerous songs, many co-written by his sister-in-law.

What Kind Of Guitar Did Jimmie Rodgers Play?

Jimmie was an acoustic guitar player and has two guitars recorded against his name, a Martin 00-18 acoustic which he used when he first started performing and a Martin 000-45 that he had custom made by Martin in 1927. It had his name in pearl inlay on the neck and “thanks” written on the back upside down. He also endorsed the Weymann & son Jimmie Rodgers special model guitar.

Who Has Jimmie Rodgers Worked With During His Long Career?

Jimmie is best known for working on his own but he did perform with many of the established artists of his era including;

  • Will Rogers
  • The Carter Family
  • Bill Boyd
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Clifford Gibson
  • Eva Thomas
  • Clayton McMichen

What Strings Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

Jimmie Rodgers Martin guitar would have had steel strings because all Martin guitars after 1921 had steel strings fitted. 

What Amps Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

Jimmie was an acoustic player, he never used any amplifiers.

What Effects Pedals Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

Jimmie Rodgers

The only pedal Jimmie would have used was the brake pedal on his train.

What Pickups Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

He only played acoustic guitar so no pick ups.

What Chords Did Jimmie Rodgers Use?

On The Brakeman’s Blues, he played in the key of G major. G, C, D, D7, and he seems to have played many of his songs in the key of G major.

What Kind Of Music Did Jimmie Rodgers Play?

Jimmie Rodgers played folk, country and blues music with his unique yodeling style.

How To Play Guitar Like Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie strummed in a similar style to Texas swing strumming. The movement is pick/strum/pick/strum continued with an alternating bass line. You will also have to position your picking hand further up the fretboard than usual picking. That’s how Jimmie played the guitar.

What Age Did Jimmie Rodgers Learn Guitar?

Jimmie was already playing the guitar at the age of 13 but learned to pick and strum while working on the railway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar did Jimmy Rodgers play?

Jimmie Rodgers played a Martin acoustic guitar with his name inlayed in pearl on the fretboard.

Where is Jimmie Rodgers original guitar?

His Weymann acoustic that he used in live shows up until he died is now in the country music hall of fame.

How much did Jimmie Rodgers guitar cost?

Jimmie’s Martin 000-45 cost $1500 back in 1927. He used to advertise on his posters for concerts that he was appearing with his $1500 guitar.

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