What Guitar Does John Lennon Use

What Guitar Does John Lennon Use?

John Lennon was an extraordinarily talented rhythm guitarist. Many of the Beatles songs would have been nowhere near as good without John’s frenetic rhythm playing, John was also an accomplished lead guitarist as well, The lead guitar on the track Revolution was John’s handiwork. 

As was the solo on get back, I want you (she’s so heavy) and the ballad of John and Yoko. But it was his rhythm playing that was really outstanding. 

What Kind Of Guitar Did John Lennon Play?

John Lennon favoured smaller guitars as he had relatively small hands, so many of his guitars are fairly small models. John Lennon Played:

  • Rickenbacker 325
  • Rickenbacker 325 Capri
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Epiphone E230TD Casino
  • Gretsch 6120
  • Guild Starfire Xii
  • Vox Kensinton

Acoustic Guitars John Lennon Played

  • Gibson J-160E
  • Martin D-28
  • Framus 12-string acoustic guitar
  • Ramirez A-1 classical guitar

What Strings Did John Lennon Use?

Back in the ‘60s the only strings available were tapewound strings. They were produced in Germany, and they must have been what John Lennon used. Then in the late ‘60s Fender Rock & rRoll strings found their way to Great Britain and it’s rumoured that he swapped over to those.

What Amps Did John Lennon Use?

John Lennon used a variety of amps during his career including:

  • Vox AC30 Guitar Combo Amp
  • Vox Conqueror
  • Fender Tweed Vibrolux
  • Vox AC Twin
  • Fender Dual Showman Guitar Amp
  • Fender Deluxe Blackface
  • Vox Super Beatle
  • Fender Blackface Showman Guitar Amp
  • Fender Custom Twin Reverb

What Effects Pedals Did John Lennon Use?

Over his guitar playing career, John Lennon used a few effects pedals but nowhere near as many as some other contemporary guitarists. He was known to use:

  • Vox Tonebender Effects Pedal
  • Electro-Harmonix EH-3003
  • Maestro Fuzz-Tone
  • Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
  • WEM Pep Rush

What Pickups Did John Lennon Use?

On his Gibson J-160E John had a single coil acoustic pickup. The Rickenbacker had three ‘short pole’ toaster style pickups. His Fender Strat had  the original scatter wound 42 gauge heavy formvar magnet wire, and had that great sound that only an early strat can create.

John Lennon

What Chords Did John Lennon Use?

John Lennon’s first stringed instrument was a banjo, he was taught by his mother, the first song he played on the banjo was That’ll be the day by Buddy Holly. As a result of learning the banjo, John had a unique way of playing chords on the guitar. He’d play the right notes but often in a different order to conventional teaching.In fact when he got his first guitar he left the 6th string loose and played the guitar like a banjo.

What Pick Did John Lennon Use?

John used celluloid teardrop picks. If you’re looking for a similar pick nowadays, the Fender#354 is pretty close. A 12-pack of the Fender picks will cost you round about £6 whereas one of John Lennon’s original picks has recently sold for $1500 at auction.

What Kind Of Music Did John Lennon Play?

John Lennon’s music has been described as Rock Pop Experimental. John and the rest of the Beatles were heavily influenced by Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country & Western, Blues and Phil Spector’s wall of sound.

How To Play Guitar Like John Lennon 

John Lennon played rhythm guitar unlike hardly anyone else. It was almost as if he attacked the strings, and yet he produced some amazing sounds. He strummed incredibly fast, 2 strokes down and one stroke up almost too fast for the tune he was playing and yet it worked. 

John also hardly ever played a straight guitar chord, his chord shapes often resembled banjo chords, and his strumming speed was more suited to banjo strumming too. So if you want to play like John Lennon, you need to attack the strings, He would play 12 notes during a 4/4 piece,by using the up stroke as his beat and the 2 down strokes filling in before the next up stroke.

What Age Did John Lennon Learn Guitar?

John Lennon would have been around 12 when he first learned to play the banjo and it wasn’t long after that he started playing the guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gave John Lennon his first guitar?

John Lennon’s first guitar was bought for him by his aunt Mimi.

Did John Lennon use a pick?

John Lennon did use a pick, usually a celluloid teardrop pick.

What was John Lennon’s favorite guitar?

John Lennon’s favourite guitar was his Rickenbacker 325.

What was John Lennon’s first song?

The first song John Lennon wrote was “hello little girl”.

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