Best Modern Rockabilly Bands

Best Modern Rockabilly Bands

“Rock n Roll is Here to Stay” – so sung Danny & the Juniors way back in the late 1950s, and they were so right. Leap forward to today and there are still rock n roll and rockabilly acts revitailising the rock n roll music charts. So here’s our pick of the best modern rockabilly bands available for your pleasure.

Psychobilly Freakout – Reverend Horton Heat

Let’s start with a band from Dallas, Texas who originally formed way back in 1985 and although they’ve undergone some changes to their lineup, still manage to remain current among the underground acts in the USA. This trio describe themselves as “Country-fed punkabilly.”  Their musical style has been described as a mixture of punk, swing, big band, country and rockabilly.

Drinkin’ Gasoline – The Baboons

Founded in 2003 in Antwerp, Belgium,the Baboons are still going strong. With a sound reminiscent of the early rockers the Baboons are a great offering from continental Europe.

Rocket to the Moon – Moonlight Howlers

This rocking trio from Williams Arizona USA are all members of the same family. Siblings Raffael and Ariel and their cousin Tory started the band just for fun and they have now become a major player on the rockabilly circuit.

Guitar Boogie – The Explosion Rockets

The Explosion Rockets are one of the most successful rockabilly bands from Holland. Their latest album “Complete” is available now packed with 25 rockabilly and rock n roll tracks.

Take Good Care Of My Baby – Dick Brave & The Backbeats

Formed in 2002 this rockabilly cover band also perform contemporary tracks like Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Depeche Mode’s “I Just Can’t Get Enough” to name but a few. Fronted by Sasha Schmitz AKA Dick Brave this band are still wowing audiences throughout the North American continent.

Johnny’s Got A Boom Boom – Imelda May

Hailing from Ireland Imelda May Higham was born and raised in Dublin. Although Imelda was exposed to a wealth of musical diversity when she was growing up, she has been a fan of rockabilly since she was 9 years old. She now specialises in rockabilly music, her voice has been compared to many famous jazz singers.

Rockabilly Baby – The Jets

Although there have been other bands with the same name, we’re referring to the Northampton UK rockabilly trio who consist of Bob, Jet Ray C and Tony Cotton, 3 brothers who definitely know how to rock. 

Candy Shop – The Baseballs

This German rockabilly/rock n roll trio are famous for their 50s and 60s sounding songs. Founded in Berlin in 2007 the band has 3 singers Basti, Digger and Sam. Check out the 60s style video that accompanies this track.

Make That Move – The Rockats

Founded by Levi Dexter in 1977, Levi & the Rockats disbanded in 1979 when Dexter left the band, the Rockats continued working under the same name. During the 80s they opened for such acts as David Bowie, The Pretenders, The Clash, and Tina Turner. One of the first rockabilly bands to include punk rock and new wave influences, the Rockats appealed to both teds and punks.

Get Back Wet Back – Long Tall Texans

This rockabilly/psychobilly band from Brighton UK, has built up a large fan base in the UK and beyond. Well known for their electric live acts, the Long Tall Texans released their latest album Aces & Eights in 2021.

Psychobilly In Love – The Griswalds

Founded by Gary Griswald in 1987, this rockabilly/psychobilly band are pure fun and a joy to listen to. Although they only recorded one album and a couple of singles, they’re thankfully back on the road again.

Rock This Town – The Stray Cats

No rockabilly list would be complete without at least one track by the legendary Stray Cats, and this is that one track. Formed way back in 1979, the Stray cats are still active, recently releasing a live album entitled “The Toronto Strut”.

The Norton Spirit – The Blue Cats

This British rockabilly act from Hertfordshire and South London have been rocking their way around the country for over 40 years.

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – The Sabrejets

This Northern Irish rockabilly band formed by Brian Young, is the culmination of the last 40 years of Brian’s musical experience. He was once a member of Belfast’s first punk band RUDI who supported the Jam on a tour of the UK. He was also a member of the Tigersharks and then the Roughnecks before forming the Sabrejets.

Rockabilly Rebel – Matchbox

Matchbox are a British band that have been playing live since 1971 and are still going strong. With hit records including “Rockabilly Rebel”, “Midnight Dynamos” and “Over The Rainbow” Matchbox were big back in the late 70s and early 80s.

Vulcan – Los Tiki Phantoms

This horror surf/rockabilly band from Barcelona Spain is characterised by appearing dressed in a black suit with skull face masks at their concerts. Formed in 2006 and still performing to this day, if you haven’t heard of this Spanish band you’re in for a treat.

Rockabilly Boogie – The Beverly Thrillbillies

The Beverly Thrillbillies come from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and are well worth adding to your playlist. Traditional rockabilly music with a hint of humour.

Call Me – The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion from Zurich in Switzerland were formed in 1998 and are still performing to this day. They specialise in swing, country, roots rock, rock and roll, rockabilly and surf rock music. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion have performed throughout Europe and the USA. In 2010 they opened for Jeff Beck at The Paris Olympia.

Rockabilly Rat – Restless

This British rockabilly band from Ipswich in Suffolk formed in 1978. They took their name from a Carl Perkins song and their first gig was in Sudbury in Suffolk. It got off to a rocky start as the lead singer suffered from a bout of stage fright. Needless to say he’s got over it now!

Chainsaw Boogie – The Meteors

The Meteors are an English rockabilly band from London UK. They formed in 1980 and are still going strong. It is often claimed that The Meteors caused the sub genre of psychobilly – the fusion of rockabilly and punk rock.

Give Em All – The Delta Bombers

Formed in Las Vegas Nevada USA in 2008, The Delta Bombers were first noticed by European promoters so their early fame was found in mainland Europe before becoming a well known rockabilly band in the States.

Who’s Your Favourite?

That’s our 21 best modern rockabilly bands, did we mention your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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