New Blues Artists 2022 (rising blues stars we love)

New Blues Artists 2022 (21 rising blues stars we love)

If you’re a fan of the blues and you’re looking for some fresh, new sounds, look no further. We have listed our top picks from the rising blues stars we can’t get enough of. Some you might be familiar with but some might just surprise you.

The blues has no boundaries, it doesn’t come from any one country, it comes from the soul and these artists have blues inside and out. Some have been on the circuit for a while, others are brand new and coming at you fresh and possibly for the first time. We think every last one of these performers deserves far more recognition than they’re getting, see what you think.

Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe is the name of the band fronted by sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. Originally from Calhoun Georgia, Larkin Poe, named after the sisters great-great-great grandfather who was a distant cousin of Edgar Allen Poe, has gone from strength to strength. While others were restricted by the lockdowns Larkin Poe took to social media and have gained an impressive following.

Sue Foley

Hailing from Ottawa Ontario, Sue has been around since 1992 but we feel she doesn’t get enough recognition for her dedication to the blues. In 2020 she won her first Blues Music Award, the Koko Taylor Award (Traditional Blues Female). She has worked with some of the greats including Billy Gibbons and Jimmie Vaughan.

Dom Martin

Dom is a Northern Irish blues/rock guitarist/vocalist who is setting the blues scene alight. Some have said he’s the best Irish blues artist since the great Rory Gallagher. Dom was presented with the Acoustic Blues Act of the Year award at the UK blues awards 2021.

Maggie Rose

Originally from Potomac Maryland, Maggie Rose Durante has been performing since the age of 16 where she sang with the B Street band, a Bruce Springsteen tribute act. Considered by many as a country singer, we think she has enough blues in her soul (and her voice) to be included in this list.

The Sully Band

This R&B nine piece band won the Best Live Band at the San Diego Music Awards in 2020. Fronted by the American radio and TV personality Robert “Sully” Sullivan and consisting of a host of seasoned musicians including bassist James East who has worked with some of the best including Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson and Elton John.

Sugaray Rayford

Caron Nimoy “Sugaray” Rayford is an American Blues/soul singer from Smiths County Texas. He was awarded the B.B King Entertainer of the Year 2020 as well as Soul Blues Artist of the Year.

Brave Rival

Hailing from Portsmouth UK, Brave Rival are a blues/rock/soul band who deserve far greater recognition than they currently receive. With that said, they have been nominated for the 2022 Best Emerging Blues Artist of the Year award at the UK Blues Awards 2022.

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Kingfish comes from Clarksdale Mississippi and has worked with some of the greats including Keb Mo, Buddy Guy and Eric Gales. Born right at the end of the last millennium, Kingfish has an old blues sound with a modern twist.

Samantha Fish

This blues guitarist and vocalist from Kansas City has been around the music scene for a while but doesn’t necessarily receive the attention she should. Predominantly a blues artist, Samantha covers bluegrass, rock, funk and country.

Beth Hart

Beth has been on the music scene for many years now, but she is often not given the attention she deserves for her contribution to the blues. She has a voice that Joe Bonnamassa compared with Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. 

J.T. Loux

Fronted and named after J.T. Loux the band sounds like a throwback to the golden age of guitar based rock/blues music. With influences from Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and The Doors, J. T. Loux are definitely worth a mention.


This all female band with an average age of 21 years of age are taking the music industry by storm. Towards the heavier side of the blues sound, Plush are definitely one to watch for the future if their debut album is anything to go by.

Carolyn Wonderland

Once described as “the hardest working artist in the business”, this Texas singer, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist has been the lead guitarist for John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers since 2018, the first female to ever hold this esteemed position.

Seth Lee Jones

This guitarist from Tulsa Oklahoma is well worth checking out, Seth studied classical and jazz and graduated from the Hollywood Musicians Institute. His latest album “Flathead” is a collection of blues covers recorded live.

Memphissippi Sounds

This blues duo consisting of Damion Pearson and Cameron Kimbrough (grandson of Junior Kimbrough) are definitely well worth a mention as they have their roots firmly fixed in the blues. 

Kris Lager

This gifted singer/songwriter, guitarist, entertainer and keyboardist from Omaha Nebraska is definitely one to watch. His latest album release, “Blues Lover” is a collection of original tracks and covers all recorded live.

Joanne Shaw Taylor

This British blues artist from Wednesbury, West Midlands UK was discovered by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) when she was 16. Although she’s been around for a few years now her latest release makes her a current artist and probably one you’ve never heard of before.

Jesse Roper

Hailing from Metchosin, British Columbia Jesse has been the support artist for such esteemed acts as Beth Hart, Keith Urban and Tower of Power. He might have been around since 2015, but he is definitely worthy of a mention here and now.

Veronica Lewis

This teenage prodigy pianist singer/songwriter has been bringing the blues/rock scene right up to date. She graduated from highschool in 2021and is already a seasoned professional. Along with her drummer and saxophonist Veronica has been wowing audiences with her live performances and has been awarded the RMR blues song of the year award for “You Ain’t Unlucky”.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Although they might have been around for a while, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown are well worth a mention as we don’t believe they get the recognition they deserve and are probably going to be new to many of you.

Susan Tedeschi

Along with husband Derek Trucks, Susan might not be a new artist by any means, but her blues credentials can’t be denied. This track showcases her amazing bluesy vocal skills and she knows her way around the guitar as well. We decided to include her in this list as her popularity has been rising significantly in the last twelve months.

Have We Mentioned Your Favourite New Blues Artist?

That’s our 21 rising stars we love, have we mentioned your favourite? Did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments.

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