Chris Stapleton Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

Think you're a real Chris Stapleton fan? Prove it by answering these questions and sharing your score!

In which song did Chris sing “But you rescued me from reaching for the bottom, and brought me back from being too far gone”?

Where did Chris Stapleton work before becoming a country music star?

What Adele song was written by Chris Stapleton?

How many children does Chris Stapleton have?

What did Chris study at Vanderbilt university?

What was the Stapleton family’s traditional employment?

What was the Stapleton family’s dog called?

What was the name of the bluegrass band Chris was in?

Where was Chris Stapleton Born?

True Or False, Chris Stapleton was in a Southern rock band called “The Jompson Brothers”?

What was Chris Stapleton’s debut album called which was released on May 5th 2015?

How many siblings does Chris Stapleton have?

What Waylon Jennings song did Chris and Morgane sing at the Grand Ole Opry in 2013?

What hit TV series did Chris Stapleton appear in on April 28th 2019?

Which Taylor Swift album did Chris Stapleton appear on?

Which Alcoholic beverage features in a number of Chris’s songs?

In which year did Chris and Morgane marry?

Where do the Stapletons live?

What did Morgane secretly get inscribed on the inside of Chris’s wedding ring?

What job was Morgane doing when her and Chris first met?