Elton John Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

Think you're a real Elton John fan? Prove it by answering these questions and sharing your score!

Where was Elton John Born?

Which Elton John album was “Crocodile Rock” the lead single from in 1972?

Which British artist sang the song written by Bernie Taupin and Elton John for the 1969 Eurovision song contest?

Which artist did Elton John critcise for lip-synching at the 2004 Q Awards?

True or False: Elton John Appeared In an episode of The Simpsons?

Which Grunge band featured Elton John on one of their songs in memory of Layne Staley?

True or False: Elton John wrote the music for The Lion King?

Which British football club made Elton John honorary life president?

What is the name of the biopic film about Elton John that took almost 20 years to complete?

Which rock band wrote the rock opera “Tommy” in which Elton John performed “Pinball Wizard”in the film version?

True or False: Elton John supported Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential election?

Which Elton John song contains the lines “Hey, kids, shake it loose together, the spotlight's hitting something, that's been known to change the weather”?

What is the title of Elton John’s debut album?

Which brand of soft drink did Elton John endorse by appearing in several adverts for the company?

What is Elton John’s middle name?