Frank Sinatra Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

Think you're a real Frank Sinatra fan? Prove it by answering these questions and sharing your score!

Where was Frank Sinatra born?

What Instrument did Frank Sinatra used to play to accompany his singing at family gatherings when he was a teenager?

Which cartoon character was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s song “Strangers In The Night”?

Which Frank Sinatra song contains the lines “The moment that you speak, I want to go play hide and seek”?

True or False: Frank Sinatra once worked as a singing waiter?

Who Inspired Frank Sinatra when he was a youngster?

What was the name of the band leader who signed Frank Sinatra in 1939?

Which Frank Sinatra song contains the lines “Fill my heart with song, let me sing forevermore”?

Which US President did Frank Sinatra help on his election campaign?

Which Frank Sinatra song was removed from karaoke playlists in the Philippines?

What did the press call the group of Hollywood rebels that Frank Sinatra was the leader of?

True or False: Frank Sinatra had his own range of gravy mixes?

What was Frank Sinatra’s middle name?

Which song did Frank Sinatra alter to help with JFK’s election campaign?

How many times was Frank Sinatra married?