Johnny Cash Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

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Where Was Johnny Cash Born?

What Year Was Johnny Cash Born?

In Which Song Did Johnny Cash Sing “The taste of love is sweet, When hearts like ours meet”?

What Year Did Johnny Cash First Perform In San Quentin Prison?

Who Did Johnny Cash Marry In 1968?

What Was Johnny Cash Originally Named?

Who Told Johnny Cash To Stop Taking Singing Lessons?

What Other Profession Was Johnny Cash Fully Qualified In?

Whilst Staying In Starkville Mississippi What was Johnny Arrested For?

What animal Hospitalised Johnny Cash On His Ranch?

Why Was Johnny Cash Sued By The US Government?

What Caused Johnny’s Facial Scar?

Where Did He Write The Song “I’d Still Be There”?

How Did Johnny Cash Destroy A Hotel’s Plumbing System?

What Was Johnny Cash Arrested For In El Paso Texas?

Where in Carson City Nevada Was Johnny’s Smallest Ever Concert?

What Was Johnny Cash’s Most Successful Hit Single?

Which American President Was Johnny’s Wife June Related To?

Whose rights Did Johnny Cash Campaign For?

Which Country Singer Did Johnny Cash Name His Garden In Memory of?

In Which Year Did He First Perform In San Quentin State Prison?

Which Other Famous Country Star Did Johnny Cash Once Become Roommates With?