Mitski Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

Think you're a real Mitski fan? Prove it by answering these questions and sharing your score!

Where was Mitski born?

What is Mitski’s first language?

Which song did Mitski write as a teenager?

Which Mitski song contains the lines “I think my heart is ready to die, I think my body is falling in pieces”?

Which Mitski album contains the track “A Horse Named Cold Air”?

What are most of Mitski’s relationship songs about?

Which Mitski song contains the lines “Just how many stars will I need to hang around me, to finally call it Heaven”?

Which Frank Sinatra song did Mitski cover for the “7-Inches For Planned Parenthood” compilation album?

True or False: Mitski eats eggs?

Which Mitski song contains the lines “Well, I'm not the moon, I'm not even a star, but awake at night I'll be singing to the birds”?

What Mitski album is the song “Brand New City” taken from?

True or False: Mitski hates cats?

Apart from “Lush”, which other album did Mitski release while still attending college?

Which former US president included Mitski’s “The Only Heartbreaker” to his list of top songs of 2021?

Which genre of films is Mitski a big fan?

What star sign is Mitski?

Which Mitski album marked her movement from the piano, orchestral sound to a more impulsive guitar sound?

Which Mitski song contains the lines “I've laid awake since one, and now it's four o'clock”?

What was the first single released from Mitski’s album “Puberty 2”?

Which type of Japanese dance theater does Mitski incorporate into her choreography?