Waylon Jennings Quiz | Fun Trivia Questions

Think you're a real Waylon Jennings fan? Prove it by answering these questions and sharing your score!

Where was Waylon Jennings Born?

Who did Waylon appear with on Sesame Street?

What Was Waylon’s Middle Name?

How Old Was Waylon When He First Started Learning Guitar?

Which of the following Is the name of one of Waylon’s sons?

Who did Waylon give his fateful plane seat up to?

Who did Waylon share an apartment with in Nashville?

With which other artist did Waylon Jennings release the album WWII?

The Highwaymen consisted of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and who else?

What was the name of Waylon's backing band?

Who broke Waylon’s thumb in a drunken brawl?

Whose motorcycle did Waylon ride around his hotel room late one night?

How many children does Waylon have?

What was the original name on his birth certificate?

How much did Waylon earn by leaving a meeting to take a pee?

Which audience was his album “Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals and Dirt” aimed at?

Which popular TV show did Waylon narrate and sing the theme song?

What was the title of the first ever country album to go platinum?

What was Waylon’s best selling song?

Why did Waylon walk out of the 1970 CMA awards?

Which Buddy Holly song features Waylon hand clapping?