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You're looking for a way out
              Bm     A    Em
I can feel it
Come on, show me where it hurts
                     Bm     A    Em
Maybe I can heal it
Your feelings are your own
                                    Bm     A    Em
Now you keep 'em under lock and key
You got me driving through the streets
                             Bm     A    Em
For an answer to the mystery
    G             D                  A
The world's still weak on Charleston Avenue
   G          D                A
Outside that vacant Starlight Motel I see you
  G                 D
Laughing with your girlfriends
       A                        D     A       Em
Not a care in the world, not a burden on your mind
It was a matter of time
There's a panic in this house 
                          Bm     A    Em
and it's bound to surface
Just walking through the front door 
                Bm      A    Em
makes me nervous
It's creepin' up the floorboards,
                               Bm      A    Em
got me wondering where I stand
I cannot put out the fire,
                                   Bm      A    Em
I got a book of matches in my hand
G             D                   A
When we first met, headstrong and filled with doubt
G                         D                     A
Made just enough hustling tables that summer to take you out
      G                  D             A                   D
I was fallin' back on forever when you told me about your heart
            A       Em
You laid it on the line
G                  D
Laughing with your girlfriends
       A                       D      A   G
Not a care in the world, not a burden on your mind
(You laid it on the line)
G              A               D    A    G
It was just a matter, It was a matter of time
   G                 A
We found ourselves a place
       D           G
We belong in it forever
           D              A
Ain't that what it's all about?
         G                A
Make the promise and keep it
     D               G
Come hell or high water
      D   A      G
We'd figure it out
           G                 A
It was the night, it was the moon
           D                  G
It was the green grass in the garden
    G               A
The victory and the sin
G                    A
I know you're weary, look at me
D               G
Flailin' in the corner
Here's the towel
A               G
Go on, throw it in
G        D         G
It was a matter of time
G                       D               A
Can't you see that it's tearing me up inside?
G                          A
Look what's laying at our feet
           G                   A
That's the wreckage of broken dreams
    D                      A
And burned out
G             A       G
And it's here on our street

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