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Capo III*
D Bm A  G Bm A
D        Bm             A
When the time does come near again
G        Bm            A
When the day does seem clear again
D       Bm     A
Make it in the night time
    G      Bm          A
The dreams ends in the light time
G      A        D  A
All of you come away
G      Bm        A
Just a bow shot away
D      Bm               A
Let me tell you 'bout a story now
  G       Bm        A
A tale of glory and power
    C            G         D
And I don't even know your name
      C                    G            D
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
C          G            D     D             Bm
We are all creatures of fame, lightness and liberty
D Bm A  G Bm A
D      Bm          A
In the days of the olden times
   G       Bm         A        (G   A)
Of ancient ladies and maritime splendor
D          Bm         A
Priests of Karnak and Thebes
      G                Bm             A
Could walk through the oceans and the seas
    G            A             D  A
And when the pyramid she would sigh
G          Bm                A
The waters streamed from the sky
    D         Bm               A
The ocean you know she is your friend
     G                Bm             A
Your brother and your sister just as sure as sin
C        G            D
Put your hands in the water
C         G           D
Rest your feet on the sea
    C             G             D
You don't have to let your body die
        C          G           D           Bm          D Bm
You can come back again if you try, if you try, if you try . .
D Bm A  G Bm A . . . .
D             Bm           A
This song was made then by you and me
  G               Bm                A
A billion years before these oceans rolled
D         Bm              A
Oh, I can see you burning brightly
    G          Bm          A
You shine like silver like sun gold
      G       A            D A
And a hundred years from today
G       Bm             A
All you people will be gone away
D             Bm           A
Down into the heart of the sea
C           G              D   Bm      A
Back to the time of wonder why you and me
    C            G         D
And I don't even know your name
      C                    G            D
But I thought I'd tell you all about it just the same
       C          G                D
If you laugh real hard you win the game - hands down
  C           G            D
Before old Alexander 'twas just the same as now
C                 G        D     D             Bm
Can you smell the blood of fame, lightness and liberty?
C Bm . . . .
* Alternate:
D  = F
Bm = Dm
A  = C
G  = Bb
C  = Eb

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