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Capo: 3rd fret

D     A     D     A     D     A     D     A
          G   D  A
I know a woman
     G       D            A
Her husband died and he left her
                 G        D  A
With two little children
So she went back to school
         A                G        D
And she got a degree in business
              Em        D
Yeah, now she owns one
And she taught those kids
You can do anything
          Em                G
With the heart of a true believer
 A      N.C.
Yeah, she's an American dreamer
G    D    A      G    D    A
                 G   D  A
And I've got a woman
         G        D             A
And she waits for me with the light on
                       G    D  A
Because she knows I'm coming
And she talks about babies
    A                        G      D
And building a house in the country
                   Em    D
Yeah, where it's sunny
     G                       D
And she's got faith that can do anything
            Em             G
But she'll never know how much I need her
 A     N.C.
Yeah, she's an American Dreamer
G    D    A      G   D   A
 G                          D
Back in the sixties, Merle Haggard's in prison
      Em                       D
He's thinking about writing a tune
      G                         D
And a guy named Armstrong was crazy enough
    G                          A
To think he could walk on the moon
       Bm                           A
And a preacher named King, well he had him a dream
     G                            D
He believed we could all live as one
       Em                    D
And a soldier somewhere is praying for peace
G                        A
While he's cleaning his gun
          G        D  A
American dreamers
G   D   A     G   A     D
G     D     Em     D     G     D     A
 N.C.        G      D  A
And I had a father;
        G         D               A
He said son if something ain't real
                     G     D  A
Then you don't even bother
And he wasn't a saint
          A                       G    D
But, I'd swear the man walked on water
             Em         D
Yeah and he taught me
   G                          D
I ain't just a long-legged hell-raising
         Em                        G
Son of a pipe-lining, honky-tonk singer
 A     N.C.                  G  D  A
Yeah, I'm an American dreamer
G          D          A                           G  D A
(Dream as big as you want to) I'm an American dreamer
G             D             A                               G   D A
(There ain't nothing that you can't do) I'm an American dreamer
G          D          A                           G D A
(Dream as big as you want to)I'm an American dreamer
G   D   A

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