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(Television rambling)
        G-|------2-----2--|  Repeat throughout song
        D-|---0-----------|    Notes are muted until much later.
Bm                 A          G        Em
Doctor Doctor what is wrong with me
Bm            A          G        Em
This supermarket life is getting long
Bm            A    G        Em
What is the heart life of a colour TV        
Bm                A        G        Em  C
What is the shelf life of a teenage queen
D   Dsus2  D G
Ooh Western woman
D   Dsus2  D G
Ooh Western girl
New hounds sniff the air
         A           G        Em
When Jessica Hahn goes down
Bm                      A  G  Em            
He latches onto that symbol of detachment
Bm             A      G            Em
attracted by the peeling away of feeling
Bm                A     G              Em  C
The celebrity of the abused shell the belle
D     Dsus2 D G
Ooh Western woman
D    Dsus2  D   G
Ooh Western girl
D    Dsus2  D G
Ooh Western woman
D    Dsus2  D   G
Ooh Western girl
And the children of Melrose 
D  Dsus2
Strut their stuff
Is absolute zero cold enough
D                Dsus2  D
And out in the valley warm and clean
The little ones sit by their TV screens
D            Dsus2  D
No thoughts to think
No tears to cry
G     A       Bm
All sucked dry
            A         G    
Down to the very last breath
Em            A
Bartender what is wrong with me?
Em               A    
Why am I so out of breath?
Em            A
The captain said excuse me ma'am
Em              A
This species has amused itself to death
(intro notes comes in full force)
D        Dsus2  D   G    
Amused itself to death
D        Dsus2  D   G
Amused itself to death
D            Dsus2    D       G
We watched the tragedy unfold
We did as we were told
We bought and sold
           Dsus2   D      G
It was the greatest show on earth
But then it was over
we ohhed and aahed
             Dsus2   D
we drove our racing cars
We ate our last few jars of cavier
And somewhere out there in the stars
    Dsus2       D
A keen-eyed look-out
Spied a flickering light
Our last hurrah
Our last hurrah
Em                      A
And when they found our shadows
Em                A
Grouped around the TV sets
Em            A
They ran down every lead
Em            A
They repeated every test
Bm                        G
They checked out all the data on their lists
And then the alien anthropologists
G              Em    
Admitted they were still perplexed
But on eliminating every other reason
Dsus2  D   G
For our sad demise
D                      Dsus2  D    G
They logged the explanation left
G                 Bm
This species has amused itself to death
Bm   A   G   Em    
Bm   A   G   Em
repeat and fade

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