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F#m7-5 chord F#7+5-9 chord Gm/F# chord A chord Asus4 chord A/G chord Asus4/G chord D/F# chord D chord D/C chord G/B chord G chord
Dm over F chord
Esus4 chord E chord Bm7 chord B over A chord D/E chord Em7 chord G6 chord Emaj7 chord G7 chord
G Sharp minor 7 chord
G Sharp 7 chord
G sharp chord
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How To Play

F#m7-5     2X2210
F#7+5-9    2X2333
Gm/F#      2X3333
|A       Asus4 A|A/G     Asus4/G A/G|D/F#      |D/F#     |
D                 D/C
   Today when I a woke
            G/B             G
The morning blues hung over me
A          A/G                             D/F#
    So,        I looked it straight in the eye
D                     D/C
    I jumped into the shower
For 'bout an hour
Aw it was fine
A        A/G                     D/F#
   Yeah,     it helps me all the time
It's soothing to my mind
        Esus4  E         A     Asus4 A    A/G
Just to see   -eee those blues
Go slipping down the drain
D                        D/C
   Now I usually have my breakfast
          G/B            G
Which con sists of tasty spam
A        A/G                      D/F#
   Yeah,       I could eat it all day long
D                     D/C
  But I only love one brand
            G/B             G
And I can't find it way out here
A          A/G                  D/F#
   So-o-o,     I have to take a pass
And settle for some hash
       Esus4   E                 A
What a draaaa -ag and you're not here
  A/G           D/F#
Oh, sweet sweet spam
|Bm7     |B/A    |
|E       |D/E      |E      |D/E     |E     |D/E     |E       |D/E       |
E             D/E           E    D/E
Now I must be off to work
  E                   D/E              E    D/E
I sweat all night and feel their nerve
Takin' things together power
      E                   D/E             E      D/E
Lord, give me strength to make these hours
Em7                       A
Soon, my long work day is done
Em7                          A                A/G
     Then I run home for the phone, yeeeeeah  yeah
An hour in the shower
D                            D/C
   Now I lay me down to sleep
    G/B                  G
And dream of my treasure map
   A         A/G
It shows me
Things my maypole's buried at
D                        D/C
  And I dream of all the fun I have
        G/B                  G
When my maypole comes out to play
A         A/G                             D/F#
    Yeah,      and I dream things I can't say
Or I'll get put away
   Esus4  E            A
So now   -ow, I better stop
A/G                           D/F#
     Before I give them all a way   woooooooo hoo hoo hooo ya ya ya
D       D      D/F#    F#m7-5
Dream,  dream, drea   -eam
G6     Emaj7  G7  G#m7  G#7
Dreams in     the ni-  -ight
A       G#   G#7  F#7+5-9
Take me back to   you
The day comes
Emaj7 G7    G#m7  G#
With  it's  fri  -end
    A       G#    G#7   F#7+5-9   Gm/F#   D
The Morning blues a    -gai      -ain     whoa oh oh
So if you wake up this morning
          G/B                G
And those blues are hangin' 'round, yeah
A                A/G
 Just listen baby
And I'll tell you what to do
D                                  D/C
  I just may join you, 'neath your bed
         G/B              G
And turn on your electric brandy
A        A/G                           D/F#
   Woah,      and turn our thoughts to me
'Cause you know where I'll be
         Esus4  E        A       A/G
And then you   -ou   can join me
In my hour in the shower   ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
A              A/G                 D/F#     D
    Join me in      my hour in the shower.

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