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How To Play

The following tab is the intro if you want to get fancy. The first little part is actually played with
a steel guitar and is not part of the regular rhythm guitar but it's easy and fun. The second part is kind
of the bare bones idea of the intro. Listen to it and you can more or less fill in the extra little pick flips
and such.
Between verses or even just stanzas in the lick you can either do the walk up at the end of the intro
(E ---0---2---4) or you can do a little Dsus4 down to an open D flick.
The outro has a similar feel to the intro. I have included the chords. Just replay the intro slower if you
want or play around with how that feels within the chords written.
      D                       G
The voice on the telephone, sounds awful angry
     A                      D
And somehow it doesn't fit in
          D                     G
With the face in the picture I keep on my dresser
        A                           D
Of the girl I once called my best friend
     D                          G
We drank from the fountain, of good times and dreaming
           A                         D
But these lawyers have poisoned the well
        D                          G
And as our love is dyin', they're makin' a killing
    A                        D
On heartaches and furniture sales
         G                      Bm
And the line between evil and good disappears
     C                   A
And now it's so hard to tell
       D                      G
Am I shakin' a demon, that's after my soul
    A                   D
Or sendin' an angel to Hell?
   D                            G
Am I right or is she right, or are we both wrong?
          A                  D
Or is it even about that at all?
    D                      G
As Heaven is fadin' we're fightin' and fussin'
         A                     D
And the devil's just havin' a ball
         G                      Bm
And the line between evil and good disappears
     C                   A
And now it's so hard to tell
       D                      G
Am I shakin' a demon, that's after my soul
    A                   D
Or sendin' an angel to Hell?
D  G  A  D

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