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FMaj7 chord Gm7/F chord Dm7 chord BbMaj7 chord F chord Gm7 chord Dm9 chord BMaj7 chord Bb/C chord Eb9 chord F sharp 7 chord Em7b5/A chord A7 chord Bm7b5 chord Am7 chord F/A chord C7 chord DMaj7 chord Em7/D chord G over D chord G/A chord F#7/A# chord F#-9 chord Bm7 chord Bm9/A chord G#m7b5 chord GMaj7 chord F#7sus4 chord F sharp chord Ebm9 chord Abm7 chord E9 chord G7 chord F#Maj7 chord Fm7b5/Bb chord Bb7 chord Cm7b5 chord Bb7sus4 chord Ebm7 chord Ab7 chord B/C# chord
C Sharp 7 chord
Em9 chord Am7/D chord D7 chord B-9 chord GMaj7/D chord Em9/C# chord C chord G/B chord Em/G chord F7 chord Bbm9 chord B9 chord C#Maj7 chord Eb/F chord F7-9 chord Bbm9/Ab chord Gm7b5 chord Fm7 chord Db/F chord GbMaj7 chord Cm7/Bb chord C over Bb chord Ebm6/Bb chord Am7b5 chord D7-9 chord Gm9 chord BbMaj7/F chord Em7b5 chord
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How To Play

FMaj7   Gm7/F   Dm7   BbMaj7   F   Gm7
Dm9   BMaj7   Dm9   BbMaj7
Gm7   Bb/C   Dm9
Dm9                     Gm7
Any moment now, he'll notice me
Eb9         F#7       FMaj7    Em7b5/A  A7
Me, and my butterfly heart
Dm9                    Bm7b5
Any moment now, he'll turn around and grin
    BbMaj7        Am7  F/A  Am7  Gm7
And say at last where have you been?
Am7   BbMaj7 C7  DMaj7             Em7/D
 We're late for daybreak on the Riviera
              DMaj7               G/D
If not the Riviera, the beach at Malibu
     G/A        DMaj7              G/D    F#7/A# F#-9
The rich Madera sunset, going on forever
        Bm7          Bm9/A
With my arms growing cold,
         G#m7b5                 GMaj7  F#7sus4 F#
And his arms growing warm with life unfolding
Ebm9                  Abm7
Any moment now, he'll say to me
E9            G7           F#Maj7   Fm7b5/Bb Bb7
Why don't you follow your heart?
    Ebm9                        Cm7b5
How can he know that I've been praying he'd arrive
  BMaj7        Bb7sus4 Bb7 Ebm7 Ab7
Afraid to come alive till then,  just saying
BMaj7          B/C# C#7
Any moment now
Em9   Am7   Am7/D D7   GMaj7   B-9
Em9   GMaj7/D   Em9/C#   C G/B  Am7  Em/G  F7
Bbm9                  Ebm7
Any moment now, she'll notice me
B9         D7         C#Maj7    Eb/F  F7-9
Me and my, simple guy ways
Bbm9       Bbm9/Ab    Gm7b5                 F#Maj7
Any moment now, she'd said she'd settle down
                   Fm7  Db/F Fm7 Ebm7
If that were true I'd paint the town
Fm7  GbMaj7 Ab7 BbMaj7           Cm7/Bb
 I'd take her  flying to Atlantic City
               BbMaj7           C/Bb
If not Atlantic City, to see Niagara Falls
  Ebm6/Bb        BbMaj7                 Cm7/Bb  Am7b5 D7-9
I know a pretty trout stream up above Seattle
        Gm9           BbMaj7/F
What a life we could build
     Em7b5                   Eb9
in a home, that is filled with love and laughter
(TOGETHER)      Any moment now
(BARBRA)        You'd say to me
(HUGH)          You'd humor me
(BARBRA)        Chase the past
                     F#7        FMaj7   Em7b5/A A7
(HUGH)          Those overcast days
(TOGETHER)      How can I begin?
                Forgetting where we've been
(BARBRA)        To love
                                  A7    Dm7   G7
(TOGETHER)      To let the laughter in again
(BARBRA)        It's always any moment now
(HUGH)          Oh any moment now

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