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Em - F - G - F
C - Am - G
F - G
F - G
     E                                 F
You wake to grab your shovel, See your breath it's made of tar.
       G                                       F
It's a subzero archaeological dig to find that artifact of a car,
     E                    F
It's 1992 Corolla with a busted left tail light 
           G                   F
But you're always reminded the oil one works right 
C                                     Am       G
And all the good old boys are playing bad new songs
C                                Am       G
On the country station while the city moves on 
C                                     Am       G
All the hot young things, they don't age like wine 
    F                  G
I'm on the bad side of 25,
    F                  G
I'm on the bad side of 25
( E F G F x2)
So you swivel out the driveway 
Of this tundra you call home
And bumper car your way on back to work
It's a place you hate to know so well
And yet feel so unknown
So you hula the snow off your parka all alone
C                                       Am     G
What I've seen might air supply your hard rock spine
C                                   Am         G
I've lived long enough to see some good friends die 
C                              Am       G
It's a dangerous time to be a friend of mine!
     F                 G
I'm on the bad side of 25,
    F                   G
I'm on the bad side of 25 

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