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A chord Am chord B chord Bm chord C chord C sharp minor chord D chord Em chord F chord G chord G7 chord F sharp minor chord G sharp minor chord
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How To Play

F G Am G7 F C
F                G
Bodhi tree grows in the light
Am             G7
Shotgun shell, cannon fire
F                          C
Baby, we've got nothing to lose
F     G          Am           G7
An ex-president, L.A sure has been changing
F                         C
Living off the last of my loot
F            G    Am            G7
Hedonists in 909, trailer park, Columbine
F               C
Tina taken by FBI's
F     G          Am              G7
Uncut kilograms, two dead in the ambulance
F                          C
Life was just a new way to die
F                G
Will you let yourself unwind
Am           G7
Put your soul on the line
F                         C
Striving for a beginner's mind
F        G
My heart wasn't there
Am           G7
Couldn't be bothered to care
F                             C
Now we're drowning in the moonlight
Am                 G
Oh my love, I can explain
             F                         Em
I was only a child in search of my own name
A rider of the storm
A mystic self-proclaimed
The glider of the air
A creature in its cage
Now won't you send me home
To my point break
Em Bm F#m C#m G#m   A
F#m G#m A B C#m  B  A

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