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A chord Am chord Asus4 chord Bm chord C chord D chord Dm7 chord E chord Em chord F chord F sharp chord G chord D5 chord
Em over G chord
G5 chord F5 chord Bb/G chord F#m/A chord


D       Am
Deep inside
   C             G
My soul fights a war
I can't explain
              C         G
I can't cross over anymore
E      Am      C     G
All I see are dirty faces
Rain and wire
     C               G
And common sense in pieces
       E                 Am Em/G F     A  D
But I try to see through Irish   eyes, Belfast
D       Am
Look outside
C                 G
Summer's lost and gone
It's a long walk
               C         G
On a street of right and wrong
E                Am
In every inch of sadness
C         G
Rocks and tanks
   F       C         G
Go hand in hand with madness
      E           Am Em/G F      A  D
But I never saw a braver  place, Belfast
        G              D
And its sad when they sing
    Am           Em
And hollow ears listen
    G             D
Of smoking black roses
        Am           Em
On the streets of Belfast
    C            G
And so say your lovers
     Dm7       Am
From under the flowers
       C           Bb/G
Every foot of this world
           F      A  D
Needs an inch of Belfast
D       Am
Who's to say
   C             G
On whom Heaven smiles
Our different ways
              C         G
We try hard to recognise
E      Am      C     G
No more enchanted evenings
The pubs are closed
     C               G
And all the ghosts are leaving
       E                     Am Em/G F   A   D
But you'll never let them shut you down, Belfast
    E  Bm    D       A
The enemy is not at home
A jealous green
F5       D5              A         Asus4     A
Streaks down this faulty diamond
      F#    Bm      D    A
No bloody boots or crucifix
         G                  D        A
Can ever hope to split this emerald island
       F#         Bm F#m/A G
But I never saw a braver place
 E  Am Em/G  F  A D
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