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Cadd9  G  Cadd9  G
    Cadd9                          G
I remember when you were only seventeen
             Cadd9                             G
You were the finest girl that my eyes had ever seen
                     Em                    C
I guess you found it hard to simply just ignore
                     Em                          C   D
This scruffy beat up working class teenage troubadour
      G                  D                         Em          C
So we fell in love and I toured your heart with my out of tune guitar
         G                  D                Em                C
You were wonderful you were mystical and the envy of all of my friends
           G          D             C                 G
Seems like only yesterday under the stars on Brighton Beach
          Cadd9                          G
Oh what a time it was what a time to be alive
         Cadd9                                     G
Remember Janice and Jimi, Kennedy and King, how we cried
                  Em                C
I sang to you the songs of Ramblin' Jack
               Em                   C   D
You were Greta Garbo and I was Kerouac
       G                     D                       Em         C
And we played so hard and we loved so hard seemed we never ever slept
          G                    D                    Em
They were crazy days they were wonderful days and I loved you with all of my
           G          D             C                 G
Seems like only yesterday under the stars on Brighton Beach
Em                            C
Your daddy had plans that did not include me
       Em                         C
And he warned stay away from your door
      Em                            C
And I dreamed how I dreamed I could steal you away
        Am              D
To some far off distant shore
     Cadd9                                 G
Then early one morning I awoke to find you gone
             Cadd9                                      G
You wrote 'I love you baby but it's time for me to move on'
                  Em                          C
And so my teenage heart laid scattered on the floor
                 Em                          C    D
I swear to God I could not have loved you anymore
         G                        D
And as I sit here tonight playing with my kids wondering
Em                    C
Where you are in this world
        G                     D                Em                       C
Did you find your man are you happy now do you ever stop and think about me
      G              D             C                 G
How I long for yesterday under the stars on Brighton Beach

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