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A chord Ab chord Am7 chord B chord Bb chord Bbm chord C chord D chord Dsus4 chord Db chord E chord Eb chord Em chord F chord G chord Gb chord C Sharp chord Em7 chord C6 chord Bbm6 chord


(G  Em7  Bb\C   G  Em7  Bb\C)*
    G		       Em	     Bb\C
You tell me there's an angel in your tree
Eb		G\D	        A\C#  Dsus4
Did he say he'd come to call on me
G			Em7sus4         Bb\C
For things are getting desperate in our home
	      C#dim7	    G\D	     D	     C G\B Am7
Living in the parish of the restless folks I know
G	      F			 C		  G   G G A B  D E
Everybody now bring your family down to the riverside
F			  C		    G    G A B  D
Look to the east to see where the fat stock hide
  G\B		     C		 	G      G A C  D
Behind four walls of stone the rich man sleeps
     G		     C6\G		  Bb\C
It's time we put the flame torch to their keep
Db	      Ab
Burn down the mission
If we're gonna stay alive
Db		      Ab
Watch the black smoke fly to heaven
See the red flame light the sky
Eb\Bb	      Bb
Burn down the mission
Burn it down to stay alive
	 Eb\Bb		Bb
It's our only chance of living
	     Ab		    Db   Bb\C
Take all you need to live inside
[F  Eb\Bb  Bb\F  F
F  Eb Bb\D  F\C  Bb F\A Eb\G
F  Eb Bb\D  F\C  Bb F\A Eb\G
G  F C\E  G\D  C  G\B C
G  F C\E  G\D  C  G\B C]**
Bb\C  Db\Ab  Bbm Bbm6  F\C  F\A  Bb\C  Bb
(G  Em7  Bb\C   G  Em7  Bb\C)*
	    G	      Em		  Bb\C
Deep in the woods the squirrels are out today
Eb			G\D  		 A\C#  Dsus4
My wife cried when they came to take me away
G		      Em7sus4             Bb\C
But what more could I do just to keep her warm
     C#dim7		 G\D	  D	  C    G\B Am7 G
Than burn burn burn burn down the mission walls
F  Eb Bb\D  F\C  Bb F\A Eb\G
F  Eb Bb\D  F\C  Bb F\A Eb\G
G  F C\E  G\D  C  G\B C
G  F C\E  G\D  C  G\B C]**
(G\C  F\C C  G)**
Lower case letters are played as octaves, upper case letters as chords:
G  G A D  D E Bb     Bb  Bb  Bb
G      Em     C   C C   C    C
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