Buttons And Bows (The Paleface) Chords & Lyrics Artist: ,

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How To Play

  Gm7     C7       F
A Western ranch is just a branch
   Gm7                 F
Of nowhere junction to me
Bb       F           Bb       F
Give the city, where living's pretty
        Gm7       C7  F
And the gals wear finery
F       Dm       F       Dm
East is east and west is west
        F         Dm     F       Dm
And the wrong one I have chose
Bb                  F       Bb      C9
Let's go where I'll keep on wearin' those
F          Dm          F          Am
Frills and flowers and buttons and bows
F         Bb         C       C7  F
Rings and things and buttons and bows
      F    Dm    F        Dm
Don't bury me in this prairie
        F         Dm     F       Dm
Take me where the cement grows
Bb                 F       Bb
Let's move down to some big town
      C9   F      Dm         F          Am
Where they love a gal by the cut of her clothes
    F            Bb     C       C7  F     Cm7
And You'll stand out in buttons and bows
F7      Bb
   I'll love you in buckskin
Or skirts that you've homespun
But I'll love you longer, stronger where
     G9            Dm7   G7  C7
Your friends don't tote  a   gun
   F        Dm        F         Dm
My bones denounce the buckboard bounce
        F      Dm       F       Dm
And the cactus hurts my toes
Bb                  F         Bb      C9
Let's vamoose where gals keep usin'
      F         Dm         F          Dm
Those silks and satins and linen that shows
    F          Bb       C       C7  F
And you're all mine in buttons and bows
      Gm7     C7             F
Gimme eastern trimmin' where women are women
   Gm7       C7       F
In high silk hose and peek-a-boo clothes
    Gm7       C7        F
And French perfume that rocks the room
    Gm7        C7                  F
And You're all mine in buttons and bows
C7          F     C7          F
Buttons and bows, buttons and bows

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