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G chord Dsus4/F# chord Cadd9 chord A7sus4 chord Em7 chord
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How To Play

Capo:3rd fret

G        - 320033
Dsus4/F# - 200033
Cadd9    - x32033
A7sus4   - x02030
Em7      - 020000
G                 Dsus4/F#  Cadd9
I've been running around in circles
G             Dsus4/F#  Cadd9
Pretending to be myself
G                  A7sus4    Cadd9
Why would somebody do this on purpose
G                 Dsus4/F#   Cadd9
When they could do something else?
Em7              Cadd9
Drowning out the morning birds
        G                Dsus4/F#    Cadd9
With the same three songs over and over
         G               Dsus4/F#     Cadd9
I wish I wrote it, but I didn't so I learn the words
      G                      Dsus4/F#     Cadd9
Hum along 'til the feeling's gone forever
       Cadd9   G       Dsus4/F#
Took a tour to see the stars
      A7sus4            Cadd9
But they weren't out tonight
            Cadd9     G            Dsus4/F#
So I wished hard on a Chinese satellite
  Cadd9      G   Dsus4/F#
I want to believe
Cadd9                 G              Dsus4/F#
Instead I look at the sky and I feel nothing
Cadd9      G           Dsus4/F#
You know I hate to be alone
I want to be wrong
G                         Dsus4/F#  Cadd9
You were screamin' at the Evangelicals
          G                         Dsus4/F#      Cadd9
They were screamin' right back from what I remember
              G      Dsus4/F#      Cadd9
When you said I will never be your vegetable
        G                   Dsus4/F#        Cadd9
Because I think when you're gone it's forever
    G            Cadd9        G
But you know I'd stand on the corner
   Dsus4/F#        A7sus4 Cadd9
Embarrassed with a picket sign
      Cadd9         G
If it meant I would see you
When I die
          Cadd9        G    Dsus4/F#
Sometimes when I can't sleep
Cadd9                 G               Dsus4/F#
It's just a matter of time before I'm hearing things
Cadd9         G                    Dsus4/F#
Swore I could feel you through the walls
But that's impossible
Cadd9        G   Dsus4/F#
I want to believe
Cadd9           G               Dsus4/F#
That if I go outside I'll see a tractor beam
Cadd9     G           Dsus4/F#
Coming to take me to where I'm from
Dsus4/F#  Em7 Cadd9
I want to go home

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