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Capo 7th (Same chords all the way through)
 C               G             C               G
I'm a Christmas Unicorn, in a uniform made of gold
        C                       G                      Am              D
With a billy-goat beard, and a sorcerer's shield, and mistletoe on my nose
     C               G              C                  G
Oh, I'm a Christian holiday, I'm a symbol of original sin
        C                 G                   Am            D
I've a pagan tree, and a magical wreath, and bow-tie on my chin
     C           G             C                 G
Oh, I'm a pagan heresy, I'm a tragical Catholic shrine
       C                      G               Am           D
I'm a little bit shy, with a lazy eye, and a penchant for sublime
     C              G               C                    G
Oh, I'm a mystical apostasy, I'm a horse with a fantasy twist
          C                       G                   Am           D
Though I play all night, with my magical kite, people say I don't exist
       C            G               C          G
For I make no full apology for the category I reside
       C                     G                     Am                D
I'm a mythical mess, with a treasury chest, I'm a construct of your mind
     C                G                C                 G
Oh, I'm hysterically American, I've a credit card on my wrist
       C                  G                     Am                D
And I have no home, or a field to roam, I will curse you with my kiss
     C              G                C                  G
Oh, I'm a criminal pathology with a history of medical care
       C                      G                           Am              D
I'm a frantic shopper, and a brave pill popper, and they say my kind are rare
     C                       G            C                G
But I've seen others in the uniform of a unicorn just like me
        C                    G                       Am         D
We are legions wide, and we choose no sides, we are masters of mystique
     C                  G               C               G
For you're a Christmas Unicorn, I have seen you on the beat
         C                  G                       Am                   D
You may dress in the human uniform, child... But I know you're just like me

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