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E     A  E
Sitting on my back door wondering which way to go
A                                   E
The sun's shining on my back and it hurts (Child)
    A                             E
The FM station plays another bad 45
         C#m     B                  A
And it's been so long since I had a good time
     C#m     B                  A
It's been so long since I had a good time
Never wrecked my head on a bandstand
In the trombone or clarinet line
       A                                        E
When I come in heat on Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras
     A                                          E
When those for a cryin' just stay behind in the bar
E           C#m      B                 A
'Cause it's been so long since I had a good time
          C#m      B                 A
Yeah it's been so long since I had a good time
I'm gonna lose control of my powers
I might even lose my trousers
A                                     E
Smash some glass, act like trash if I want, haha
A                             E
Wear a skirt, be a flirt if I want, yeah
            C#m      B                 A
'Cause it's been so long since I had a good time
     C#m               B                 A
This prodigal man from Dixieland needs a good time
Right now, aw yeah, aw yeah
Show me a good time right now
    You better take it while you can
You gotta get it while you can, aw yeah
B            E
And when the man upstairs he calls me
He'll say, "It's your turn son to come"
      A                                       E
Don't play the blues down in old Toulouse for me
    A                                         E
Let sleighbells ring and children sing in the street
    C#m            B                    A
And tell all of my friends that I had a good time
     C#m                   B
Open up the sky, won't you ride me high
Let's have a good time
    C#m            B                     A
And if I'm late at heaven's gate blame a good time
             C#m               B
And when the angels sing I will join in
Let's have a good time really
C#m        B
   Aw yeah
C#m   B    A
  C#m                    B                    A
I took my luck, I didn't give a fuck, I had a good time
     C#m                 B                     A
Tell all my friends only all my best to have a good time, goodbye
C#m   B    A

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