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A chord D chord E chord Asus2 chord Abmaj7 chord Gsus4 chord G chord Cm chord Cm7 chord Abmaj9 chord Dsus4 chord Bb chord F chord C chord Dm chord Am chord Em chord Dsus2 chord Ab chord Eb chord


A        D        E        A
        |----2-3|-5 [horn]
A                 D                E                   A
Laugh and say I\'m green, I\'ve seen things you\'ve never seen
A              D         E              A
Talk behind my back, I\'m off the beaten track.
Bb           F            D                   A
I\'ll take on anyone, ain\'t scared of a bloody nose 
Bb           F               D             Dsus4/E   A     Asus2/E
Drink till I drop down, with one eye on my clothes.
F       C     Dm    Bb      F    C     Dm     Bb
   What is it? I\'ll take it. Who is she? I\'ll rape it. 
F       C        Dm     Bb     F         C   Dm          Bb       E
  Got a bet there? I\'ll meet it. Gettin\' high? You can\'t beat it.
Am  G         C   D    Am       G                C      D
Dr. Jimmy and Mr. Jim, when I\'m pilled you don\'t notice him. 
Em              C          D        E        E
  He only comes out when I drink my gin
A               D           E                A
You say she\'s a virgin, but I\'m gonna be the first in. 
E                 D        E                A
Her fella\'s gonna kill me, oh, fucking will he. 
Bb             F             D              A
  I\'m seeing d-double, don\'t miss me if you can. 
Bb                 F                 D           Dsus2  A  Asus2/E
  There\'s gonna be trouble, when she chooses her man.
[repeat chorus]
    E...            Ab...
E||-0-2-4--4-2-0-||-4-6-8-8-9-11-| [horn line]
Abmaj7          Gsus4   G   Cm    Cm/Bb     Abmaj7
Is it me, for a moment        The stars are falling. 
Eb       Cm7 Abmaj9
The heat is rising,
Eb       Cm7 Abmaj9
The past is calling. 
E  |    |    |    |
A         D          E                  A
I\'m going back soon, home to get that baboon. 
E          D       E          A
Who cut up my eye, tore up my Levis
Bb            F                D            A
  I\'m feelin\' restless, bring another score around.
Bb                F               D              E        A  Asus2/E
  Maybe something stronger, could really hold me down...
[repeat chorus and bridge]
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