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C chord F chord Ab chord Fm chord Dbm chord Abm chord A chord Db chord Gb chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

C C C F C  F C F C
C                    F   C
Locked in a struggle for the right combination
F  C
of words in a melody line
C                        F   C
I took a walk along the riverbank
of my imagination
F      C           F              C
Golden clouds were shuffling the sunshine
C                                       F
But if I ever get back to the twentieth century
C                                 F
Guess I'll have to pay off some debts
C                              F
Open the book of my vanishing memory
C                             F F C
With its catalogue of regrets
C                        F
Stand up for the deeds I did
C                     F
And those I didn't do
C                              F
Sit down, shut up, think about God
And wait for the hour of my rescue
Cm (12 BEATS)
Ab (12 BEATS)
We don't mean to mess things up
But mess them up we do
    Ab         Fm
And then it's "Oh, I'm sorry"
Here's a smiling photograph of love it was new
At a birthday party
Make a wish and close your eyes:
surprise, surprise, surprise.
Db Db Db Db Gb Db Gb
Db            Gb Db                     Gb Db
Early December, and brown as a sparrow
Db                      Gb
Frost creeping over the pond
Db         Gb                  Db Gb
I shoot a thought into the future
Db                   Gb
And it flies like an arrow
Gb              Db          Gb
Through my lifetime, and beyond
      Db                            Gb
If I ever come back as a tree, or a crow
Db                      Gb
Or even the wind-blown dust
Db              Gb     Db
Find me on the ancient road
Db                   Gb        Db
in the song when the wires are hushed
Db            Gb      Db
Hurry on and remember me,
                  Gb Db
as I'll remember you
Far above the golden clouds,
the darkness vibrates
Db                 Gb Db
The earth is blue
Db                                  Gb Db
And everything about it is a love song
Db                     Gb Db
Db                                  Gb Db
And everything about it is a love song
Db                     Gb Db
Everything about it
Db                                  Gb Db
And everything about it is a love song

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