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G chord Cadd9 chord Dsus4 chord G7 chord C chord Am chord D chord Bb chord F chord F7 chord Eb chord
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G  Cadd9  Dsus4
G  Cadd9  Dsus4
G                                   G7                     C
I was never one to back out of an argument and say I was wrong.
Am                                      D                G    Cadd9    Dsus4
Even when I'd seen the other side I'd hide my foolishness and carry on.
G                                        G7                      C
But still I'd be embarrassed 'cos they'd see what happened and they'd play along.
Am                                   D                    G    Cadd9   Dsus4
Until I back myself into a corner I would only realize when they had gone.
             Bb       F       Bb     F7
And like a dream, a life, a reason,
Everything must change...
(Everything, everything. Everything must change)
             Bb       F       Bb     F7
And like a world, this earth and seasons
Everything must change... 
(Everything, everything. Everything must change.)
G                                   G7                          C
In the same way when we disagree I wouldn't be the one to back down.
            Am                            D              G     Cadd9   Dsus4
Still I'd know that you had faith in me. Tell me something, am I letting you down?
G                                  G7                               C
'Cos when I woke up and I saw the note you pressed into the mirror frame
Am                                      D                G    Cadd9    Dsus4
but it was easy to be angry at ya but deep inside I know we share the blame.
I'm going back to the top to start myself off 
G7                                                  C
but first of all somethings I need to know.
When I'm scared of being wrong again,
won't you be the one I turn to 
           G                Cadd9  Dsus4
to let me know, oh, let me know, oh.
Please, let me be right for once 
G7                                  C
'cos right now all I feel I do is wrong
and it's never too late to learn about love
and this victim needs your hand...
               G  Cadd9 Dsus4
to hold on.
(Repeat and Ad-Lib Soulful Glib as necessary)

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