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A Sharp chord A#sus4 chord D#/A# chord F chord C chord Dm chord G chord D chord Em chord E chord B chord Bsus2/A chord Asus2 chord G sharp minor chord
C Sharp minor 7 chord
F sharp 7 chord A chord F sharp minor chord C Sharp chord G sharp chord
A Sharp minor chord
F sharp chord D sharp chord Cm chord C#sus2/B chord Bsus2 chord
D Sharp minor 7 chord
G Sharp 7 chord
Fm chord Dsus2/C chord Cadd9 chord Bm chord Em7 chord A7 chord Am chord
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How To Play

| A#      | A#sus4   | D#/A#   | A#      |
| A#      | A#sus4   | D#/A#   | A#      |
F                       C
 Is this my past here before me?
Dm                  A#
 Is this my story unfolding?
F                    C
 It's all here to discover
Dm                 A#
 Everything that I am
G                           D
 Can this be what I've been seeking?
Em                     C           G
 All my life I've been waiting for this
And now these memories
Em                     C
 Will they make me see more?
C  D   E         B          Bsus2/A  Asus2
   Ooh I want to know where I      belong
          B          G#m    C#m7
I want to know where I came from
          F#7             B
I want to know the reason why I'm here
    A        G#m                  F#m
The way I am feeling the things I feel
E          B        Bsus2/A  Asus2
 I want to know the reason   why
           B          G#m  C#m7
It will be hard but I must try
         F#7             B
I got to understand just who I am
    A            G#m                 B
And why I'm here feeling my things I feel
C#          G#
 Is this my family?
A#m               F#          C#
 Can it really be them that I see?
My father and mother
A#m                       F#        D#
 And in their arms can it really be me
All these emotions
Cm               G#
 I can barely control
D#                  A#
 Cause the family I had
   Cm               G#
Is not the family I know?
G#  A#      F#       C#         C#sus2/B  Bsus2
    Ooh and I got to know where I       belong
         C#         A#m    D#m7
I got to know where I came from
         G#7              C#
I got to know the reasons why I'm here
    B        A#m                  C#    C#
The way I am feeling the things I feel
Fm      Cm     C#
 These spirits calling me
  G#     A#     C#  D#
Familiar voices haunting
Fm    Cm      C#
 Disappearing taunting me
G#   A#     D#     F      G
This is the choice I must make
                   D  Dsus2/C  Cadd9
Cause I know where I         belong
             D  Bm     Em7
I know where I, I came from
           A7           D
I know the reason why I must decide
    C              Bm         Am
And leave here the man I am inside
G              D         Dsus2/C  Cadd9
 The future is clear for me  to   see
          D       Bm       Em7
To be the man I'm meant to be
        A7             D
Like my father with my head up high
 C                Bm           D        D
Standing tall and proud of all that I am
I'm a man

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