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Am chord C chord Dm chord F chord G chord Gm chord A Sharp chord Gm7 chord
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How To Play

Capo:1st fret

F  Dm  Gm7  C
Am  A#  C  F
F                  Dm
I'm nobody's friend
Dm                       Gm7
Loneliness rides in my bed
Gm7          A#
My misfortune
A#                        Am
Give everything you've got
Am                  A#
While the sun burns hot
My addiction
Spoils my affection
C               F
For everything good
F                   Dm
Elephant in the room
Dm                          Gm7
Might as well shoot at the moon
Gm7              A#
The mild ambition
A#                        Am
Give everything you've got
Am               A#
Jump the Fosbury flop with intention
Pursue your invention
C                Gm
As something of worth
Gm                  F
The thing I most regret
F              C
Is having to repress what I'm feeling
        Dm         C          A#
While expressing delight as a myth
A#                Am
Embrace the epic fail
Am              A#    C
Of my exploding whale
F                        Dm
Poison or powdered milk (poison or powdered milk)
Dm              G
Paralyzed as it took (paralyzed as it took)
G            A#
Premonition (that is what we are)
A#                        Am
Give everything you've got
Am                  A#
Before your life is caught in conditions
Be the first of its victims
The foot of a hare
F                      Dm
Action or consequence (action or consequence)
Dm              G
My unyielding defense (my unyielding defense)
G             A#
Superstition (that is what we are)
A#               Am
My attempts to obscure
Am                  A#
The wonders of this world
Be it fortune
Or faith in distortion
C             A#
The patron of prayer
A#                 F
The thing I most resent
F               C
Is having to consent to illusion
         Dm        C              A#
While confessing distress with my fist
A#              Am
Will history prevail?
Am            A#    C
My exploding whale
Dm  C
F  C  Dm  C
A#  Am
A#  C
F                      Dm
What of a dream deferred
Dm              Gm7
My appeal in reverse
A#                Am
Embrace the epic fail
Am                A#   C
Of my exploding whale
A#  C
Dm  A#  Dm  A#
Gm  C  Gm  C
Gm  C

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