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C chord Cdim7 chord Ddim7 chord C7 chord F chord Fm chord D/F# chord F7 chord Fm7 chord G chord Am chord Em chord Dm chord E7/G# chord F/A chord G/B chord Fm/Ab chord A chord Bb chord D chord Bm chord F sharp minor chord F#7/A# chord A over C Sharp chord D7 chord Gm chord E/G# chord E7 chord Em7 chord
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How To Play

C Cdim7 Ddim7
C               C7               F
Once I hoped to seek the new and unknown.
     Fm           C
This planet's overrun.
        D/F#             Fm         C
There's nothing left for you or for me.
F7         Fm7
Don't give in.
F  G   C
We can walk
Through the fields.
    C7               F
And feeling nature's glow.
    Fm              C
But all the land is owned.
        D/F#          Fm         C
There's none left for you or for me.
F7       Fm7        F G  C
Who will win? cause I concede.
C       Am      Em                F
Free me free me free me from this world.
          Dm           G               E7/G#        Am
I don't belong here it was a mistake imprisoning my soul.
        F/A     G/B               C
Can you free me free me from this world?
C Cdim7 Ddim7
A world lush in bloom.
     C7             F
With rivers running wild.
        Fm/Ab        C
They'll be re-routed South.
D/F#               Fm/Ab      C
With none left for you or for me.
F7         Fm7    F    G
Don't give in and hear the.
C                C7                  F
Engines roar and save our crops from drought.
    Fm/Ab                    C
But when the black gold's in doubt.
        D/F#          Fm/Ab      C
There's none left for you or for me.
F7      Fm7
Fuse helium-3.
F   G    C
Our last hope.
C               Am      Em                F
And free me and free me free me from this world.
We don't belong here.
   G               E7/G#         Am
It was a mistake imprisoning our souls.
        F/A         G/B               Am
Can you free me and free me from this world?
Dm G C F A Dm Bb C A
Free me
I'll free you
F#m               G
Free us from this world.
We don't belong here.
   A               F#7/A#        Bm
It was a mistake imprisoning our souls.
        G           A                 D
Can you free me and free me from this world?
[Backing Vocals chorus)
(Free me)
(Free me) 
F#m                G
(Free me from this world) 
Em                       A
Running around in        circles feeling
(I don't belong here, it was a mistake im-)
F#7/A#           Bm
Caged by endless rules
(-prisoning  our  souls)
        G/B      A/C#              D
Can you free me, free me from this world?
D D7 G Gm D E/G#
Em D E7 Em7
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