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Dbmaj7 chord Bbm7 chord Dbm7 chord Gb7 chord Cm7 chord Do chord Eb11 chord Dbmaj7/Eb chord Bbm9 chord Eb7 chord Abmaj7 chord F9 chord Ab6 chord F7-9 chord Eb9 chord Bmaj7 chord Bm7 chord E7 chord A6 chord Dm7 chord G7 chord Cmaj7 chord Dbo chord F11 chord Eb7-9 chord F7 chord F7+5 chord Ao chord Eb6 chord B6 chord Em9 chord A9 chord Dmaj7 chord D6 chord G7-9 chord Bb9 chord E9 chord Ebmaj7 chord Ab7+5 chord Fm7 chord Gb9 chord D9 chord C7+5-9 chord C7-9 chord Bb7-9 chord Abm7 chord Db7 chord Gbmaj7 chord Amaj7 chord Am7 chord Gmaj7 chord Em7 chord A7-9 chord Fm9 chord C13 chord C7-13 chord Bb6 chord G9 chord Db chord Gb chord B chord E6 chord E chord Eb chord D chord A7-5 chord Ab7-5 chord Ab13 chord G13 chord Gb13 chord F13 chord Bb chord C9 chord Eb over Bb chord Ab11 chord D7 chord Abo chord D11 chord Bb13 chord Gbo chord Eb/G chord Eb9-5 chord
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How To Play

|Dbmaj7    Bbm7     |Dbm7      Gb7      |Cm7                |Do              |
 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
|Eb11               |Eb11               |Dbmaj7/Eb          |Dbmaj7/Eb       |                |
 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
[Verse #1]
Bbm9                              Eb7
Take a seat and cool it 'cause un less you overrule it
       Abmaj7                 F9
We are ready to show you some blowin'
  Bbm7                        Cm7    F9
A rompin' and a stompin' is a lot of fun
                                           ^ ^ ^  ^
     Bbm7             Eb7         Ab6     Ab6  F9 F7-9
Four brothers who are blowin' our horns
[Verse #2]
   Bbm9                              Eb9
So settle down an' listen 'cause you don't know what you're missin'
          Abmaj7              F9
And we're ready to give you a showin'
  Bbm7                         Cm7     F9
A movin' it 'n groovin' it has just be gun
     Bbm7             Eb7         Ab6
Four brothers who are blowin' our horns
[ Bridge ]
   Dbm7         Gb7                 Bmaj7
We got a little message that you're gonna enjoy
Bm7               E7          A6
Ain't no sense in dodgin' the facts
   Dm7            G7             Cmaj7       Dbo              Dm7
So settle in your easy chair an' if you ever had a care - for get it
                Cm7  F11
It's time to re lax
[Verse #3]
    Bbm9                              Eb7            Eb7-9
You might as well admit it, we're the best that ever did it
       Abmaj7                     F9
But in case you ain't too sure o' knowin'
      Bbm9                       Cm7    F9
We're gonna let you listen to us one by one
     Bbm7             Eb7         Ab6
Four brothers who are blowin' our horns
[Verse #4]
         Bbm7                  Eb7
How'd ya do, I'm talking about you
                  Abmaj7                    F7            F7+5         Bbm7
It's very nice to know that you have really taken time to listen to me blow
 Eb9                                       Ab6
'Cause as sure as I'm born, I'm blowin' my horsn
                      Bbm7     Eb7
Listen't'me baby, I'm blowin', zootin' it up
Abmaj7                         Ao                           Bbm7
        And I hope you dig the sounds I'm makin' more'n any other
           Eb6                         Bbm7         Eb7   Ab6
Now I must go for it's time for you to listen to my other brother
  Dbm7              Gb7           Bmaj7 B6   Em9    A9           Dmaj7  D6
I think the chick's talking 'bout me    so   I'd    better go 'n see
    Dm7          G7-9            Cmaj7        Dbo
I'm hip that she knows a horn is very best to greet you
           Dm7        G7-9       Cm7
That's the reason I'm blowin' so snappily
Bb9                      Eb11        Eb7-9            Abmaj7
    I don't know what ya got, but it thrills me an' I hope to have a lot
'Cause it puts me in clover
   Bbm7                       Cm7          F7
So baby, if you would like to dig my other brother
       Bbm7          Eb7-9           Ab6
You're gonna have to turn the record over
        F9                        E9                           Ebmaj7
Hey hey hey   Who ya talking about,    say who ya talking about
        ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh           ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh          ahhhhhhhhhhhh
                                Ab7+5           Fm7
Did I hear you say you'd intron duce your other brother
                              ( pow! 0
          Gb9                            Fm7           Ebmaj7
'Cause in case I heard you talking about three, that's me
                     E9 F9                   F9 E9                  D9 Ebmaj7
Pleased to meet you,    how'd you do, how are   you,   nothings new
How is everything with you?
Fm7         C7-9             Fm7  Bb7-9    Eb6
    Whattya say I leave this jazz up to my brother --
[Verse #5]
        Abm7   Db7         Gbmaj7
Dig dig dig my Long Island sound
  Bm7         E7         Amaj7
I hope you're puttin' it down
                Am7               D9
You got me in a mood that's so ro mantic
Gmaj7        Em7             Am7       D9
      If you noticed you can take this silly old actin'
       Dm7               A7-9           Fm9      Bb7-9
'Cause I'm actin' so dis tracted when I dig you
[Verse #6]
                     Cm7                 C13              C7-13  Fm7
Pretty baby you will never know how much I really dig you
         Eb7-9                    Fm7    Bb7-9      Eb6
You have got me so excited that I goofed blowin' my horn
             Fm9                                  Bb7-9
Boop bop the news is gettin' around, we're really puttin' it down
                             Eb6                      G7                               Cm7
We're glad, in fact, to know that you enjoy it and we wish we had the time to give you more
                  Bb6    G7-9
Thank you for the compli ment
    Cm7             Eb6            Bb6              G7
You told us we were better just as though we didn't know it
      Cm7                Eb6              F11
We're hip that we're the best, we're over all the rest
                    Bb6                                               G9
We're in the modern school, we always play it cool, we never play the fool
    Eb6                                Bb9          G9
The honkers and the squeakers might be stealin' the show
    Cm7             F11               Bb6
But we don't go for that, so while we blow
Eb9   Ab6        Db   Gb         B       E6
Hi   -ho,  lacka day, boy it's a natural fact
E  Eb     D  Eb   Em7         A7-5    Dm7        G7
I  ain't  no kin, but I would like to get in the act!
     G7        Ab7-5   G7        Ab7-5   G7         Ab7-5
Well get outta here,   get outta here,    get outta here now
       Ab13  G13         Gb13       F13
Fellas we ap preciate it makin' you mad
            Dm7              G7
But we must ask you to apolo gize
                       F11    Bb
Because after all he's in our band
     Fm9      Bb9      Eb6       C9      Fm9
Four brothers,    four brothers,    four brothers
   Abmaj7   Ao   Eb/Bb
Al though   we   sound  like more
     Fm9       Bb9        Eb6       C9       Fm9
Four brothers,       four brothers,     four brothers
      Ab6  Ao  Eb/Bb
We're real ly  only four
[ Verse #7]
Ab11       Db7      Gbmaj7                     Bm7            E7   Amaj7      A6
We like to blow but we don't know how time can fly and how an hour can pass a way
Am7         D7         Gmaj7    Abo         Am7                     D11
We wish the time would never go so we could take our time an' blow 'til judgement day
     Fm9        Bb13        Eb6      C9      Fm9       Bb9
Four brothers,         four brothers,   four brothers
     Fm7  Gbo Eb/G  Eb6
That just one final word:
       I'm happy to know you and I hope I don't forget you
      It's really a pleasure and I hope I don't look silly to you
      I'm hoping the story that I told did not upset you
     Sorry, now in conclusion we are hoping that you heard four
So just before we go we want you to know ---
We're glad you let us show you how we always end up with that jazz
(We don't go for braggin' but we're blowin' our own...)
Ho--     -ooorn!

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