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C  Am Dm F
C  Am Dm F
   C       Am
Someday, I'm gonna live
         Dm                F
In your house up on the hill
                 C                      Am
And when your skinhead neighbor goes missing
             Dm              F
I'll plant a garden in the yard then
               C          Am
They're gluin' roses on a flatbed
           Dm                  F
You should see it, I mean thousands
         C                    Am
I grew up here 'til it all went up in flames
               Dm         F
Except the notches in the door frame
C                          F
I don't know when you got taller
          C                F
See our reflection in the water
         C              Am
Off the bridge at the Huntington
              C            E    F
I hopped the fence when I was 17
        Dm         F        C
Then I knew what I wanted
C  Am Dm F
           C                    Am
And when I grow up, I'm gonna look up
         Dm                F
From my phone and see my life
                  C             Am
And it's gonna be just like my recurring dream
             Dm             F                     C
I'm at the movies, I don't remember what I'm seeing
            Am           Dm   F
The screen turns into a tidal wave
            C                Am
Then it's a dorm room like a hedge maze
              Dm    F              C
And when I find you, you touch my leg
           Am       Dm        F
And I insist, but I wake up before we do it
C  Am Dm F
         C                   F
I don't know how, but I'm taller
            C                F
It must be something in the water
             C               Am
Everything's growin' in our garden 
                    C               E   F
You don't have to know that it's haunted
          C                          F
The doctor put her hands over my liver
                 C                  F
She told me my resentment’s getting smaller
               C            Am
No, I'm not afraid of hard work
          C           E    F
I get everything I want
    C               F
I have everything I wanted
C  Am Dm F
C  Am Dm F

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