Girl Blue Chords & Lyrics Artist:

Chords (click graphic to learn to play)

A Sharp chord F#M7 chord A#/A chord F#mM7 chord A#7b9 chord F7 chord
A Sharp minor 7 chord
F7 over A chord A#mM9 chord F7b13 chord C9 chord F7sus4 chord Cm7 chord Fm7 chord D sharp chord
G Sharp minor 7 chord
D7 chord Gm7 chord D7sus4 chord Gm7/D chord F chord
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How To Play

A#m7 G#m7 F#mM7 F7b13 F7
A#m7 G#m7 F#mM7 F7b13 F7
A#m7           G#m7                F#mM7        F7b13 F7
Hello morning, good, good morning  to the one I love
A#m7              G#m7                 F#mM7        F7b13 F7
Crystal ringlets  paint a picture of a gold sunrise above
Little girl, you're sad
       Gm7/D            D#            Fm7 A#7b9
Though all you have  is visible to you
    Cm7                  Gm7/D
Within your heart, there stays a part
     D#          F7sus4    A#
That like  the sky  is blue
A#m7              G#m7             F#mM7            F7b13  F7
Shifting breezes  grace the inner  spectrum of your glance
A#m7                G#m7                  F#mM7           F7b13 F7
Leaves on branches, for your pleasure, perform a soothing dance
Little girl, it seems
   Gm7/D               D#           Fm7 A#7b9
In all my dreams  your happiness is due
    Cm7                    Gm7/D
But still they last, there in your past
 D#         F7sus4       A#  A#/A
Events that make you blue
Gm7                  D7sus4  C9
Thoughts of love are in your mind
Gm7                         D7sus4 C9
  Yet splintered hopes push them a-side
F            D7sus4  D7       Gm7  C9     F7sus4
  A look at life  is what you need   to try
A#m7           G#m7                  F#mM7           F7b13 F7
In an instant  there'll be sunshine  sprinkled every place
A#m7                G#m7               F#mM7          F7b13 F7
Drops of rain will  kiss the softness  of your lovely face
Little girl, be fair
         Gm7/D              D#              Fm7 A#7b9
Show yourself you care, let others care for you
  Cm7                        Gm7/D
Before it's too late, 'cause time won't wait
          D#         F7sus4
'Til your heart's no longer blue
A#m7 G#m7 F#mM7 F7b13 F7
A#m7 G#m7 F#mM7 F7b13 F7
Little girl, be smart
      Gm7/D                          D#               Fm7 A#7b9
Don't break your own heart, there is love waiting for you
  Cm7                        Gm7/D
Before it's too late, 'cause time won't wait
          D#         F7sus4
'Til your heart's no longer blue
A#m7 G#m7 F#M7 F7b13 F7/A A#mM9

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