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Am6 chord Am11 chord B7#11 chord Dm11 chord Ebm6 chord Ebm9 chord E6 chord Fm11 chord Gm(maj7) chord Ebm7 chord Abm7 chord Emaj7 chord Am7 chord Asus4 chord D7 chord F chord Cm7 chord G chord Em7 chord Bm7 chord Em chord Em/D chord Bb7 chord Cmaj7/G chord D/F# chord Cmaj7 chord D chord C/D chord D/E chord
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How To Play

Am6      [5x4555]
Am11     [5x5533]
B7#11    [x2426x]
Dm11     [x53553]
Ebm6     [xx1312]
Ebm9     [x6466x]
E6       [x7665x]
Fm11     [11114x]
Gm(maj7) [3x433x]
B7#11    Fm11
Stella Mater
Ebm7  Abm7 Emaj7  Ebm9
Light is   fai-   ling
E6     Am6            Dm11
Making such a fool of thee
Am7   Asus4  Ebm6  D7  F   Cm7
When  you'd  love  to  be  someone
N.C.        Am11
This is the time
G         Am11
I've set aside
     Em7         Am11
From selling old rope
    Em7         Am11
And telling bad jokes
    G          Am11
And cul de sac pride
     G        Am11
I've learnt today
      G        Am11
While falling apart
         Em7      Am11
The most eloquent way
   Em7         Am11
To speak or to pray
   G                 Am11
Is straight from the heart
G          Bm7                      Am7
Oh, but to shine like Joan of Arc
         Em    Em/D     Am7
You must be prepared to burn
Am7  Gm(maj7)  Bb7
Am7  Cmaj7/G   D/F#
N.C.       Am11
Forget the style
    G                  Am11
And choose from twelve notes
     Em7         Am11
In itself it's a joy
           Em7          Am11
Whether it soothes or annoys
       G             Am11
A song starts in the throat
     G            Am11
Take two kinds of look
    G           Am11
And one wedding day
    Em7      Am11
Now isn't it clear
        Em7             Am11
There's nothing they'll hear
     G             Am11
That you'd want to say
    G         Bm7                     Am7
And if you've no new clothes to wear
            Em       Em/D      Am7
Then simply wash and comb your hair
N.C.             Cmaj7
And little green Isaac
       D          Cmaj7                 C/D
You're gonna walk backwards through the room
          Em7          Cmaj7
Does that mean I won't see you?
   Em7            Cmaj7                 C/D
It means you walk backwards through the room
    D            Cmaj7
And little green Isaac
  D                 Cmaj7          C/D
I hear you're still wet behind the ears
Em7       Cmaj7
Isaac's a soft name
   Em7           Cmaj7        C/D
It sounds like a pocketful of rain
Cmaj7  Bm7
Ooh    ooh
      D/E                 C/D
Well, up that stairway he rose
    Bm7                   Am11
And down that stairway he goes
[Repeat chorus]
N.C.        Cmaj7
G-g-g-green Isaac
D           Cmaj7
G-g-g-green Isaac
D           Cmaj7  Bm7   Am11
G-g-g-green I-     sa-   ac

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